Not another Earth Day post

An Earth Day post, this is not! Yesterday, we drove to Asan City for the 47th Lee Sun Shin Festival (more on this at a later post). On the way back, we used the local roads passing by Pyeongtaek and Anseong among other cities. We passed by some nice detached houses (they exist in Korea!) along the way and we thought how we’d like to live in such an abode. However, there are a lot of factories located in those areas. Imagine how detrimental it could be for the residents if those companies don’t follow environmental regulations! Remember that Erin Brocovich movie?
There are environmental laws that companies must comply with. That’s why there are EHS Compliance Software that businesses can use to assist them adhere with government regulations with regards to the environment.
As a consumer and a citizen, it will give me a peace of mind knowing that companies around me exert effort to make sure that our health is not compromised. EHS software implementation is a useful tool for them to ensure this.