Philippine Embassy in Seoul, Korea – the website

Finally! The Philippine Embassy in South Korea has a website. I’m so happy for Filipinos here who won’t need to endlessly dial the embassy’s number to inquire (or worse visit the place with documents in tow and be told that the requirements they have are incomplete and you need to come back — what a waste of time and money!). Some parts of the website are still under construction but the most important pages, IMO, are already there. There’s also a page where you can download forms, which are PDF files and can be viewed by using Foxit (my favorite PDF reader). The FAQ is useful for Filipinos here (and even those in the Philippines).
See for yourself the website of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul, South Korea! I wish they would have a bulletin board 🙂 Having a Tagalog version will also benefit a lot of Pinoys here. Most Pinoys could speak, read and write in English however there are a few who have difficulties grasping high-falluting words.


  1. lol, congratulations! I guess it must be a royal pain if a website is such exciting news. =P
    But yeah, glad to hear things are getting easier for everyone!

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  3. betchay,
    finally. still have to go up there every now and then. are the infos right or do we still have to make expensive phonecalls? or do we get on the ktx and find out we got the wrong info?

  4. a pleasant goodafternoon for the person who read this letter of mine,i want to asking something about how i can etend my visa if i go their in soul. i want to know what is the requirement before i going i want it to clear everything my papers need to give with your office.i will still wait for your responce thank you have a goodday.

  5. Attention to all online Filipinos in Koreas. I’m trying to send an e-mail to the phil. embassy regardidng the cadaver of my seaman brother-Francisco R.Evaristo but they are not responding, we sould like to know when will they flown his cadaver here in the phils. we are dying to see him and my sis-in-law is very sick right now, so please help us.

    1. hi kinukumusta kolang kung nakauwi na ba kapatid mo diyan sa pinas kung hindi pa tulungan ko kayo mga fallow up sa embassy since nandito naman ako sa korea. let me know.

    1. It depends how you wanna to do it,First if you will send your baby with your friend’s,neigbors,etc you will have to apply for a travel document along with your baby’s (BC)BIRTH CERTIFICATE,but before you do that be assure that your baby has already registered made with the (RB)REPORT BIRTH.then whoever that person will bring the baby home you will have to get her/his copy of their plain ticket or number and passport and should be submit to the Philippine Embassy.

  6. I’m a half korean father left me since i was born..i wish i can see him..he studied here in tacloban in RTR medical school with his cousin who studied nursing too

  7. hope somebody can help me
    his name is doughlas kim..he take up medicine here in tacloban
    i’m longing for him..i’m searching him for a long tym but still there is no answer..i have a picture of him but it was gone when there was a typhone..i’ve got a little info bout him but hope someone can link me to him….thanx in advance to those who can read and help me…God bless and have a nice day

    1. hi! i hate to say this but the chances of finding your dad is almost nil… but you shouldn’t lose hope… as the song goes there could be miracle if you believe… do you know his korean number, ID number and his hometown?


  9. to the ambassador in korea
    i just want to inform you that manny filipina now is working in south korea with out proper documents and ther just become a victime of prostitution in korea i hope you will invistigate thise kind of act in our kababayan filipina

  10. Dear Sir/Madam.
    i just want to inform you that ms.***** a filina is now working in seoul korea i dont know the exact address.
    working without proper documents (TNT).ask what is the possible solution to come back here in Phils as soon as possible.

    1. hi Jo! I’m not connected with the Embassy, please visit their website and post your inquiry there. I have a friend who used to live here without papers and after 7 years she decided to go back to the Philippines. She went back home last year. She sent her things to the Philippines first then traveled to Busan, where she took her flight. She didn’t experience any hassle as she voluntarily left the country. She wasn’t fined at all.

  11. Ang gusto ko lang sabihin ay natutuwa ako dahil merong philippine embassy dito sa korea dahil nakakatulong kayo sa mga pilipinong nagta trabaho sa korea.Ang reklamo ko nga lang na nakikita ko twing pumupunta ako sa embassy ay ang mga tao na lagi nalang basta basta pumupunta sa unahan na walang number i mean walang mga disiplina ang mga tao doon,kahit asawa ko yun din ang comment para daw nasa palengke ang mga tao.Sana manlang may disiplina ang mga tao at marunong sumunod sa rules.Salamat!

  12. Dear Sir/Madam:
    Dear Sir/Madam:
    Good day! po gusto ko lang po magtanong kung ano pong mga requirements kapag nagpakasal po diyan sa embassy kasi po wala po akong idea sana po matulungan niyo kami salamat po and godbless.

  13. dear ate joey:
    ate gud morning gsto ko po sna mag tnong kung pno po kmi mkakauwi,nhihirpan po kmi d2..sna po mtulungan nyo po kmi..pls thanks..

  14. Mam:
    Bka pwede nio po tulungan ung kaibigan ko, anjan po sia sa korea ngaun at nananakit nnman ung asawa niang koreano ngaun, nkausap ko siya tru yahoo messenger kahapon and she sounds so scared kasi ung bunso niang anak na babae nman ung pinagdidiskitahan ng asawa nia, kumontak na raw po cia ulit sa center pero wla paring tulong. she sounds suicidal na kc kya natatakot ako para sa kaibigan ko. pls reply ASAp, we really need ur help, thanks po…

  15. mam, nwala nia po ung papel na pinagsulatan nia ng pangalan at kontak number ng center, sobrang taranta na kasi at takot na, wla na po kc ciang ibang matakbuhan, wla na ba mam kaung ibang center na alam jan? sa bucheon daw po cla nakatira ngaun, my alam po ba kaung malapit na center dun? kung meron mam kaung kakilala sa center o alam na malapit na center bka mam pde pasundo nlang cia sa bahay nila? pde po ba un mam?
    bbgay ko mam address nia mamaya kinokontak ko pa po kc siya ngaun hbang wla ung asawa niang koreano.
    maraming salamat mam,

    1. Hi gudpm po sa lahat..ask ko po nang tulong sana gusto ko na po maguwi ng pinas dahil sa nararanasan ko dito sa family ng asawa ko.kinuha po nila cellphone ko at passport.ano gagawin ko?salamat po

  16. mam nakuha ko napo address at contact number nung kaibigan ko, is there any way you can help us? meron po bang malapit na center jan sa bucheon? wla daw po kasi siyang kapera pera kya wla siyang pamasahe, tas dadalhin pa niya ung dalwang anak niya. pinagbantaan na kasi silang papatayin mag iina pag nagtangkang tumakas. dati na kasi silang tumakas at pumunta sa center nung 1st time na sinaktan sila pero pinatawad niya nung sinundo siya sa center, pero ngaun parang nabubuang na raw kasi ung asawa niya, mam, bka po pde nio nman kami tulungan… please po, takot na takot na kasi tlga ung kaibigan ko.. please mam, tulungan nio po kami, hintayin ko po reply nio para mabigay ko ung mga information contact # at address nia..

    1. Hi Jei.. that story is sad and alarming. Im just curious do you know any reason that precipitated this problem ?
      The Filipina spouses here in Korea should really come up with a group that can assist all those concerned.

  17. @jei. Im from Bucheon. I’m willing to help. baka pwede mo bigay sa akin contact address at iba pang contact info about sa husband and I are willing to help. my husband is searching now for a women center in Bucheon.please do give us the info ASap

  18. Hi.I heard there’s a women’s center near songnae station, bucheon it’s at [복사골문화센터]. There’s also a center (christian group) that helps migrant women and workers, I forgot the address and name but it’s located near 춘의 사거리. I just read about it when I was looking for free Korean classes.
    .-= jempres´s last blog ..Flowers for Cory =-.

  19. Hi Jei?
    I want to know kung gaano ka serious ang situation nya. in case, gusto nya talaga na lumayo, i’m down DOWN south. Gwangju City.
    From here, pwede ko syang tulungan. I’m going to give her a house (adjacent ng bahay namin) then we’ll help her get on her feet. I know i’m nowhere near a migrant workers’ center or association, but i can definitely help her settle down. We’d be doing the same thing (migrant women center, the works) not to mention distance from her husband.
    My husband agrees. My Mother-in-Law agrees. we’re not well off but we’re a family willing to help. There are kids involved and it really bothers me.
    call me. ASAP, (i have nothing to hide anyway) 010-6686-0459. My name’s stel. or send her info to me ASAP. we’ll work something out.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Progressing Prejudice =-.

  20. hi reijene! that’s really nice of you, i’ve talked to her this morning… she’s on F-2 visa, meaning if she leaves home, she’d be an illegal immigrant even if her visa will expire on sept 2010… what she wants is to bring her kids to the philippines and come back here to work… bringing the kids back home is nearly impossible since they don’t have passports (and getting one would need a document that only her husband could allow her to get – sorry i forgot the name of that document, but it’s more than the jumin and the hojeok)… she also wants to divorce her husband, but that it won’t be easy because her husband is resisting divorce and he could get her kids from her… actually, jasmine knows more about this kind of things since she’d encountered cases like this… i also told her i’d call the women’s center (which is helping the cambodian from daegu) and asked for their help… i also told her that people are offering help

  21. that’s great great news.
    this morning her situation was our (husband and i) topic. my husband suspects that her korean husband will resist divorce. in which case, i’m not worried if he bugs us as my husband is a big man =D. (ready ata talaga for war ang lola nyo heehee)
    but i’m glad. any way we could help, buzz me.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Progressing Prejudice =-.

  22. As much as i want to sympathize with this woman, but the devils advocate side of me is bothered with this
    “and come back here to work…”.
    Whats the point? Thats why im asking what precipitated the problem. I dont think we can really jump into conclusions immediately or just take the version of one side, just because she is a filipina. With her wish for divorce, and the subsequent plans thereafter, i cant help but ask myself what prompted the marriage in the first place. I dont think anyone will just run amuck and hurt anybody ( esp their spouse) for no nerve wracking reason unless mentally deranged.

  23. hi,i just want to ask something,were planning to visits korea for only 5 days with my 2 friends,tapos sa house ng friend ko kmi tutuloy na filipina din living in seoul,ask ko lng po kung kaylangan pa naming kumuha ng visits visa,at ska anu ang mga requirements pag kumuha ng visa?thank you.

  24. hi i really need help. The father of my son did not all me for about 3 months. How am I going to make a contact with him if he turned his phone off?

  25. hello po?
    ask ko lng po sana kung pano po ba ung process ng adoption kc more than 20’s n ako!gusto po kc akong ampunin ng korean!pwede pokyang d2 n iprocess o uuwi pa po kmi sa pinas???
    tnx po

  26. I just wanna know about some information on how to get a Dual cetizenship? Am korean for five years now and I want to get filipino cetizenship too. could u help me and inform me how to procces and what are the papers should I prepare to get the cetizenship.

  27. dear Sir/Madam
    have a pleasant day ever one of you upon reading this messege of mine , i would like to visit there in korea , so let me know how its gonna be to process all the documents i may have , pls, let me know and reply me asap ,,

  28. hello..i just want to ask how to process a tourist visa because i want to visit korea .. i have a sister whos married with a korean but her husband is still working here in the phils…do i really need a korean national to invite me in korea?

  29. hi betchay! I want to apply tourist visa in s.korea… I cant find the on line application form or website that I can visit so I know what to do. Do you have any idea? Travel agency is killing me– assistance fee is more expensive than my plane ticket. Thanks so much =)

  30. We’re in South Korea presently. My Korean husband wanted to stay w/ me in the Philippines for atleast 2years. I’m asking, what papers needed for a FAMILY VISA for him??? Please lend me your help… Thanks so much and Gobless!

  31. My fiance was an entertainer here in S. Korea. But her visa is about to expired and she is no longer working. is there any way for her to update her visa and alien card and how? please email me if anyone knows answers

  32. eiu tai sabulao— pra mas mapadali ang paghahanap mo ng father mong korean mas mabuti na sa school kung san sya nag-aral dun mo hanapin ang record nya. I know for sure they have record of your father. Hope you find your father soon.

  33. My philippine passport got mistakenly wet during my laundry work, I dried all the pages and the passport are intact and readable. Do I have to go to the embassy to validate again my passport. Please let me know the soonest so I can process whatever validation if required. Please reply asap because my visa is about to expire in a week time and I have to go back to the Philippines. Thank you very much. Please indicate the telephone number and the contact person.
    Reynold F. Torcedo
    Samsung Engineering Company Limited

  34. Hello! I am planning to visit korea for a tourist visa good for three months. So, I would like to know if how much show money do i need to prepare for that and what are the needed requirements do I need to prepare?
    I’m hoping that you’ll help me.
    Thank you!

  35. hello po tanong kulang sana ano requirements sa pagrerenew ng passport?atsaka wer po ang new location ng embassy dto korea,,salamat reply nlng po asap kung cno nakakaalam,,tsaka po pala pag sunday wat tym naka open ang embassy yun lng po kc freeday ko para makapunta.salamat

    1. hi jeng! check mo ‘to…
      eto yung requirements for renewal… from their website:
      Requirements for Renewal
      The Embassy will receive applications for the Machine Readable Passport (MRP). You are advised to apply for early renewal of the old “green” passport.
      Each applicant must personally appear at the Consulate, except for minors 8 years old and below and senior citizens 65 years old and above
      Step 1:
      -Have your picture taken. Four (4) identical photos taken within the last six months of size 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm on a royal blue background.
      -Applicant should be in decent attire with collar. Both ears should be shown
      -One (1) copy of the passport data page, the last page showing the name and signature of the signing officer, and the page with the date of last entry to Korea
      Step 2:
      -Fill up passport application form
      -Get a number from machine by pressing “Passport”. Wait for your number to be called at Window 4.
      -Present your most recent expired Philippine Passport
      -Be ready with exact amount of passport fee – KW 52, 650.
      Step 3:
      -After you have paid and received your receipt. Wait for your name to be called for encoding of the data for the Machine Readable Passport
      -You will be asked to check the entries. Sign your name and make your thumbmarks.
      -Keep your receipt and your old passport for cancellation and return to the Embassy on due date to claim your new Machine Readable Passport.

  36. Hello po.. itatanong ko lang po if need to renew my travel document monthly coz i lost my passport and my travel document will be going to expire next month.Thank you and waiting for your immediate reply.

  37. good morning po sa kinauukulan,hingi po sana ako ng advise sa inyo about po sa aking work po ako dito as entertainer,hawak po ng promoter yung passport ko ayaw po nila bigay s ngayon po naka process yung passport ko for renewal sa philippine embassy tapos hawak ng promoter ko yung receipt of release.humihingi po sana ako sa inyo ng tulong or advise kung pano ko mahawakan or makuha yung passport ko the day ng release.pag hindi pa nila ibigay sa akin pwede po ba ako mag pa loss passport.sana po mabigyan nyo ako idea ko ano po dapat kong gawin as soon as possible.maraming salamat po.God B less you

  38. hello! po bakit di nyo po sinsagut ang hotline maraming beses na po ako tumawag dyan at telephone din po, gusto ko lang pong malaman ang tamang location ng new add. dyan . puwede po bang maipaliwanag nyo ng maayos sa tagalog.

  39. hello po mom.sana matulongan nyo ako sa problema ko,dto ako sa korea mag 6 yrs n may asawat anak po,tungkol sa aming mag aswa,eps ho ako.wala ho akung naipun dhil sa kasinungalingan ng asawa ko,nluko ako ng sarili kung aswa,montly ako magpadala sa kanila minsan din dalawang beses kc lgi daw may skit cia at ang mga bata,my stage one cancer at my skit daw sa my marami cia mga ka chat na kano at hnd lng ho yan sbi nya bayaran nya ako para sa magpakasal cia sa kano.nlaman ko ang lhat nong umowi ako nong 2008 nawala cing skit at hnd nya binayaran ang mga utang na umabot ng 150taw at hnd lng yan mariami cia ng utang bilang asawa binayaran ko ang sapag balik mo ulit sa korea may nakilalang akobabaeaiintihan ako at minahal ako ng walang kapalit at nalaman ng aswa ako.tpus nahuli ko rin ang aswa ko na may pic with kano na walang saplot ang kano pro ang aswa ko mron naman.ano po ang gagawin ako.kc lgi cia nagsasabi na idinmanda nya ako.salamat po.

    1. d’ka makakuha ng working visa, kung tourist visa ang pasok mo,,, pero dami nman work dyan, kahit wala kang working visa, pwede ka nman mag work eh…

      1. Korek! Hindi pwedeng papalitan ang tourist visa ng working visa sa Korea. Pero hindi rin natin dapat i-advocate ang pagtatrabaho ng ilegal. Wala silang suporta.

        1. pano, uuwi nalang sya sa pnas.??, kc wala nman syang suporta dahili elegal sya,,, ganun ba ang ibig mong sabihin??

        2. pano, uuwi nalang sya sa pnas.??, kc wala nman syang suporta dahil elegal sya,,, ganun ba ang ibig mong sabihin?? hindi lahat ng ilegal na nag tatrabaho ay walang suporta na nangyayari, khit ilegal ka may karapatan ka parin.

          1. Sa inyo pong lahat ako po ay humihingi ng tulong para mkalaya sa malupit kung kapalaran dito sa aking asawa at biyanan..kung cno man po ang mlapit dito sa gwangyang please kailangan ko kayo ngayun.hirap na hirap na po ako baka mamatay na ako dito.buntis pa ako nayun.gusto ko na po mkauwi ng pinas..kailangn ko lng ng guide wala kasi ako alam dito.

          2. Hi Dalia! Nasaan ang passport mo? May pera ka ba? Kung umuwi ka ng Pilipinas eh kasal ka pa rin sa Korean. Bigyan kita ng number at sila ang best na mag-advise sa ‘yo… 1577-1366 meron kang makakausap na Filipino na mas mabibigyan ka ng maayos na advice.

          3. Maam betchay..
            Kung sa pera po walang problema kasi magpapadala po sa akin ang ate ko ng pang ticket at allowance makauwi lang ako na safe.kaya po kailangan ko po ng tulong nyo sa ngayun.sana po may mkasundo dito sa nyo lang po ako.slamat

          4. Roger, aminado naman pala na “ilegal”, bat pa sinasabi mong “may karapatan”?
            Karapatan or Rights are given to person who are law abiding and do things in legal way.
            Dont be so irrational and as if advocating Filipinos na mag TNT.
            . . .sinisira mo imahe ng iba na ayaw gumawa ng ilegal, gets mo point ko?.
            hwag mo rin sna kalimotan, wLa ka sa Pilipinas, nasa ibang bansa ka. . .you must follow rules of the host country whom you are working to., otherwise umuwi ka nalang ng Pinas kung ayaw mo sumunod.
            . . .hwag mag-astang siga sa lugar na hindi mo naman teritoryo. . .RESPITO naman Pre.

          5. I agree. Alam ko mahirap ang buhay sa Pilipinas pero kaya nahihirapan kumuha ng visa ang mga legitimate tourists sa atin ay dahil na rin sa mga nag-TNT.

  40. gudmorning po, ask ko lng poanong dapat kong gawin sa passport ko na mali ang birthday na nilagay ninyo,, pinakuha ko po sa friend ko ung passport dahil sa my work po ako,, ang nakalagay po don eh,,, sept 08, 1971,,,, pero ang tamang birthday ko po eh, september 08 1981,,, tama naman po pagkakafill up ko sa form, bakit ganun nangyari, ang layo po ng sa amin sa seoul 5 hours ang byhehe, ano pong dapat kong gawin?

  41. good afternoon sir/maam
    ask ko lang po kung pwede magrenew ng NBI dito sa inyo or kumuha ng NBI at paano, anong mga papers ang need, pwede po sa online mag apply how po, kc malayo po kami salamat po

  42. good pm po maam and sir
    ask ko lang po kung pwede mag apply ng dual citizen dito sa inyo
    at ano po ang mga requirements na need, at mag kano po kung pwede, pati ang mga bata, salamat po sana response po kayo

  43. i wanna go to south korea .. is it a good idea? because i wanna go for shopping there .. what do i need to do? do i need visa to get there for a tourist? and how much would it cost? please could you let me know everything…!!! tnx

  44. good day maam/ sir,
    hindi lingid sa inyo na maraming nag tnt jan sa korea, na kabilang na ang pinsan ko na may kadahilanan kung bakit ginawa nila yun, na d po tumutupad sa contract na pinirmahan nila dto sa pilipinas, kaya po tumakas cla sa trabaho at naghanap ng panibagong trabaho at sa tulong na rin ng mga kapwa nating pilipino ay kinupkop sya at nagkaroon ng magandang trabaho pero sa kasamaang palad ay nahuli ng immigration at idinitained sya, sa kakulangan ng papeles na hawak. ano po ang magandang gawin ng pinsan ko para d sya mapauwi o madeport para sa ganun tuloy ang kanyang trabaho. marami pong salamat,
    lubos na gumagalang,
    sally tolentino

  45. gud afternoon maam and sir;
    ask ko lang poh if pwede n ako mag renuew ng passport ko kc poh sa march 20,2011 po ang expiration date nya….tnx poh

  46. sir/madam,
    i ask you ,i drive for almost 2years now with International License Driver’s,but can you help mehow can i change my International License Driver’s in Korean License Driver’s.What the requirement that i need.

  47. to whom it may concern,
    Paano po ba magpa appoint sa pagpaparenew ng passport?? kc tumatawag po ako sa hotline nyo, parang nakaoff po ata ung phone..kc po mag eexpire na po passport ko this coming march…
    salamat po.

  48. sir/ madam;
    papano b mgpaapoint ng mgparenew ng pasport po sir/madam kc dpo ako mkakontak po.pwd po bang pumunt dyn kht hnd po nka-schedule kpglingo po pwde po bang pnt dyn anung week po kau nakabukas po.salmat po..

  49. maam/sir magrerenew po ako ng passport ko,di po ako makakontak po..pwede po bang pumunta dyan kahit di nakaschedule po..kc february 21 na po expiration date ng aking passport..pwede po ba kahit sunday or wat day kau nakabukas?salamat po maam/sir

  50. sir/maam,paparenew po ako ng passport kc po sa february 21 na expiration date po..pano po ang proseso at wat araw po ako pede punta jan?pwede po ba ng sunday?thanx po..

  51. gud eve po,gusto ko po sanang malaman kong obligado ba ung nga promoter na isauli sa phil.embassy ung passport ng talent nilang nag runaway…

  52. gud am po,ask ko lng po ung bang passport n 7 months pa before ma expired kung pwede pang ibyahe as tour lng po for 5 days destination singapore? marami pong salamat

  53. Good day to all!
    I’m a filipina married to korean and had two daughters.I had already my korean citizenship, and now we want to apply for dual citizenship.Kindly please help us anybody who knows about what is the requirements of dual citizenship…
    Please…..thank you…

  54. hello po gusto ko lng po humingi ng tulong sa inyo kung pano ko po makontak anak ko mdyo matagal napo akong walng balita sa knya nag aalala napo ako ksi nung tumawag po ako sa knya koreana po ang sumagot ilang ulit ko pong ginawa ayaw po ng sagutin now po naka off na pati email hdi napo nag eemail ang anak ko wala na kong alam gawin kaya hingi po akong tulong sa inyo ang name po nya ay nelson yco jr. ang company po nya ay icops company pls po gusto ko lng po malaman kung ok po ba anak ko .

  55. Hello po. I’m in Seoul and my passport expires this year.I don’t know about others but it seems that the link is not working. I’m always redirected to this firewall application everytime I click the address. Is it just me? ^^ Thanks for all the helpful info! ^^

  56. Gud am.mgpapa schedule lng po for renew passport. s sept.14 2011 expire passport q s contact # pero wla sumasagot.plz reply.God bless to all..

  57. gud am…tanong ka lang po, bakit wala kaming marriage certificate sa NSO sa pinas…kasal naman kami dyan sa philippine embassy noong Feb.2008…please paki check nga nyo pangalan namin…sangi lee pangalan asawa ko.(korean man) @ merced L. Samdao pangalan ko….plz reply. more power & God bless…..

    1. hi merced! buti pa pumunta ka mismo sa embassy… kasi nangyari din yan sa friend ko… kinasal sa Korea, nag-submit ng documents sa Philippine Embassy pero hindi pala nila na-forward sa Pilipinas

      1. salamat betchay….bat ganon…dublibubli naman gastos ang ginagawa nila…malayo pa naman ako sa Philippine Embassy….but anyway…God Bless to all….

  58. maam sir,gusto ko po sana magatanong?galing po ako sa saudi before from 1996-1998 nag exit ako dat year!ngaun gusto ko sna kumuha nh police clearance from saudi arabia?nagtanong na rin po ako sa royal embassy ng saudi dyan sa itaewon,eh d raw pwede sabi ng consul?baka may idea po kau paano at san pwede makakuha ng PC from saudi at ano mga req.salamat po na marami sa inyo paki post nalang po sa email ko ang reply nyo or paki share nalang po baka kasi may iba tulad ko gusto maka kuha ng PC from saudi?godbless…

  59. pwede nyo po ba ako tulungan kinasal po ako dtio sa korean ano po ba yung kailangan pa kailangan ko pa bang report yung kasal namin sa embassy at ano ang mga kailangan at ano ang gagawin pls mail me thanks

  60. hello po,,tanung ko po sana panu po mg applay ng tourist visa at san po ako pwede mgpunta to applay a tourist visa at how much po ang magagastos at kylngan pa bo ba ng show money…gusto kopo kasi punta to visit my cousin…pls reply me…slmat po..

  61. hello. gusto ko lang po sana magtanong san po ba aq pwede humingi ng tulong kasi bugbog sarado aq dito ng asawa ko kung kaladkarin ako sa kalye ganun n lng kung ihampasa ang ulo ko sa pader ganun nalang hirap na ako dito sana meron makatulong sakin andito ako ngyon sa pohang wala kasi akong kaibigan pwede malapitan hirap n po ako dito ayoko pong umuwing patay sa pinas sana po meron makatulong sakin…. salamat po

    1. jhudy if ttoo snasabi u first punta u ng police station sbhin u kung ano prob.u kung snasaktan ka pgawa u mdical clearance pra yan ay ibidinsya u.kung di u alam pnta ng police station mag taxi ka sbhin u kkawon kyongchalso teryoda pinsan ko s puhang din sya twagan u analyn 01034425028

  62. sir?mam,
    tanong lang po may branch po ba kau d2 sa pusan ,para magrenew ng passport,.magkanu na po ba ngaun ang bayaran sa renewal at gaanu katagal po ang processing..salamat po?

  63. nice day to everyone!
    ask ko lang po,mkakakuha po ba ng passport ng bata kung mother lng ang mg-aasikaso at hindi pa korean citizen??
    anu anu po yung mga requirements na kelangan?? salamat po!

  64. gud am po tanong ko lang po kung pano mgparenew ng passport jan sa seoul kasi po andito po ako sa daegu south korea dati po kasi ngpupunta po dito yung mga tiga embassy para sa mga gustong mgpapassport ngaun po wla na po ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin kasi po expired na po ang passport ko nung june 26 2011 pa po salamat po……and god bless

  65. Dear Ma’am/ Sir:
    Gusto ko po sanang humingi ng tulong sa inyo bilang isang kinatawan ng samahang pilipino na manggagawa dito sa korea. ako po ay may problema sa status ko po dito sa korea ikinasal po ako noong 1999 sa isang koreano through moonis maching sa antipolo po naganap ang aming civil weeding,, at pinapunta po nya ako dito sa korea para mag start ng family, pero sa kasamaang palad po ay di kami magkasundo ng parents nya at naglayas ako dahil lagi nalang ako ng nanay nya sinasaktan,, at pagkatapos ng isang taon nag file ng divorce ang asawa ko na di ko alam at nalaman ko nlang nitong huli at sinabi ng kaibigan ko dahil nag pa remach daw ito ng ibang lahi. ano po ang gagawin ko para makuha ko ang divorce copy ko kasi gusto ko na po sanang mag surindir sa immigration pero paano ang divorce paper ko po saan ko po ba pede makuha ang legal copy nang divorce ko at mahirapan ako mag pawalang visa sa pinas kong wala akong valid documents galing dito sa korea .. ano po ba ang dapat kong gagawin? tulongan nmn po ninyo ako kong saan ako pedeng humingi ng tulong regarding this matter,,
    LUbos na gumagalang at nag hihintay ng inyong payo,
    Cristy Robles

  66. do you have any kind of jobs there in phillipine embassy …im searching for the job i live here in suwon and i have korean wife!!i have f2 1 visa…my no. is 01051139717..michael
    pls help me…i am dedicated in work thank you


    1. Pray. Pray that someday they’ll answer your call. Oops, hopefully someone from the Philippine Embassy is reading this. By the way, I might drop by the Philippine Embassy this week. Most likely on Wednesday, so I’ll just ask them personally.

  68. hello poh, pwede poh vah magtanong kong pwede poh vah erenew ang philippines driver license sa inyo….and2 kse me sa korea…..salmat poh!!

  69. hello po,,may itatanong lang po ako,,na ako po ay pumasok sa korea ng e9 visa ang end ng contract ko po ay feb,7,2012,,at nung nov,20,2011 ako po ay nagpksal dito,,pero hindi pa na change ung visa ko sa apouse kc ung anulment ko sa pinas ay hindi pa tapos,sa ngaun gamit ko pa ung 39 visa ko until feb na lng,,ano ba dapt ko gawin na dipa natatpos ung anulled ko sa pinas,eh patapos n aung visa ko,,at saka itong buwan ng janurry 2012 ako po ay mangangank na dito,,ano ba dapat ko gawin,,,,pls tulungan nu ako,,,

  70. at tungkol sa kasal 2 beses pala tau magpaksal,,kasal kana dito sa korean wedding tapos sa philippine ambassy din,,,tnx

  71. dear sir,ma’m,
    gud day po.ako po rachel mr k po koreano,ask k lng po kung anu po dapat gawin yung kpatid k po andito eh my naging boyfriend cxa koreano gusto nla magpkasal uuwi pa b cla sa pinas/hndi b pwede dto,
    salamat po……….

  72. marl of phl. hi po, gusto lang po akong magtanong kong valid bang kasal namin sa koreano kase po kase po. yong nandeyan pa po ako nag propose seya nang devorce po den nagpunta kami sa city prosicutor office den sabe nila hende daw puyde tapos po hinde naman kami nagkasamana sa esang bahay so im work my own and i return to phl. and then im married again in pilipino so ang tanong ko is valid paba ang kasal namin sa koreano hes abandon na for long years thats why i desided to married again in pilipino. pls.elighten me thanks!

  73. Dear madam / sir
    Good day po, gusto ko sana malaman kung may report na sa embassy ang missing crew na si Mr. Loven R. Flores is one (1) of our seafarer was declared missing on board since Jan 24, 2012 until now while M/V S. Champ. anchored at Pusan , korea.
    Please help us with your legal matter.
    God bless you
    mark / pert

    1. Hi! I’ll forward this to the Philippine Embassy (disclaimer: I’m not in any way connected with them)

  74. Hello po..Good afternoon!ask ko lang po kung ano requirements sa pagpapakasal andito po ako sa Pyeongtaek,Gyeonngi-do may plano po kami ng bf ko magpakasal.Thank’s.Godbless!


    1. Hi Maribel! Kailangan mong puntahan ang Embassy para dito. Yung isang kaibigan ko, two years bago naipasa ng Philippine Embassy sa DFA sa Pilipinas ang marriage contract niya!

  76. hello po mam betchay, share ko lng po yung problem ko.. sana po matullungan nio po ako, tumakbo po kasi ako sa dati kong trabaho, my bf po ako korean and ngpakasal po kami sa phil embassy sa seoul, ang problema ko po ung mga papeles ko po nsa amo ko po lahat pati po alien card ko, nung pumunta po kmi sa munisipyo ng hangguk para po maikasal dto sa korea ala po ako maipakita a document only a copy of my passport di daw po pwede un, kea di po kmi nakasal.. mgpapalost passport n lng po ako sa embassy, ang problema ko po eh sa immigration pano po kya ang sasabihin ko, sabihin ko po ba yung totoo o sabihin ko po nawala po yung mga documents ko. sna po matulungan nio po ako salamat po..

  77. sir/madaam, i want to renew my expires this month of may 15,when do i get my schedule for renewal?hope you will help me.thank you,,, God Bless and more blessings.

  78. sir/maam,magrenew sana ako ng pastport.ano po bng mga requirements nyo?kaylan po ba ako pwede mgrenew expired na po ksi passport ko this may 15?sana mtulungan nyo ako hinggil sa bgay na ito .salamat po,,,mabuhay po kyo…

    1. Hi concon! Hindi ako konektado sa Philippine Embassy pero eto requirements:
      Requirements for ePassport:
      Old Philippine Passport and a photocopy of the data or photo page and last page showing the signature of the passport holder
      For old passports that do not show the town/city of birth (e.g., only “Pampanga” is written), any copy of a government-issued document, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate or previously issued passport, that shows the town/city of birth (e.g., “Lubao, Pampanga”)
      Printed copy of your Confirmation Number
      Completed Application Form
      ePassport fee – US$ 60.00 or W 80,520
      Procedure on Date of Appointment:
      Step 1
      Present your Confirmation Receipt Number.
      Complete all information on the passport application form.
      Wait for your name and number to be called at Window 4.
      Submit the application form and present your old Passport and photocopies.
      OPTIONAL: If you wish to avail of the courier service, get a courier form and write your name and complete return address. Get a copy of the courier form. Payment will be made upon delivery of your ePassport. Have your old passport canceled by the consular officer.
      Step 2
      Go to cashier and pay the exact amount of US$ 60.00 or W 80,520 in cash. No check may be accepted
      Keep your receipt for presentation in case you claim your ePassport in person after 9 weeks.
      Step 3
      Go to the encoder for encoding of data, picture taking, taking of thumb marks and digital signature. Applicant should be in decent attire with collar. Both ears should be shown.
      Keep your receipt of payment and bring your old passport for cancellation to claim your ePassport. You can also authorize a representative to claim your passport by giving authority at the back of your claim receipt.
      NOTE: It takes about six (6) weeks to process the ePassport as the approved applications are sent to a central processing facility in the Philippines.

  79. Sa lahat po ng nakatira dito sa gwangyang pwede nyo po ba ako matulungan..ibuntis po ako ngayun at subrang lupit ng ginagawa ng byaan ko sa akin.gusto ko na pong tumakas pero wala akong alam sa lugar na to.kailangan ko ang ng guide please..

  80. Lalo lang po lumalala ang situation ko..kinuhaan nila ako nung nakaraang araw ng passport at cellphone gusto ko na po tumakas tulongan nyo ako.

  81. Maam betchay..good afternoon po..ok na po maam skin kung kasal an ako sa anya.nkadami na po kami ng councel pero wa nangyari.ganun at ganun pa rin ang pagmamalupit nila sa akin.tinuturuan kasi sya lahay ng parents nya.wala po ako mam cellphone ngayun kasi kinuha ng parents nya.andito na po skin passport ko.kailangan ko lang po ngayun maam ng magsusundo skin dito kasi di ako marunong magbyahi na ako lang.sana po matulogan nyo ako.salamat po

  82. Humihinggi po ako ng tulong aswa po ako ng koreano me 2 po ako anak namatay po ang aswa ko nito lang aug 2 2012 nagtatrabho po siya sa 폐타이어 sa namyangju grabe po ang sinapit ng aswa ko para po sing giniling. na baboy hndi po ako naniniwala na aksidente po ang nangyri sa aswa ko hindi po ako masyadong marunong mag salita ng korean lahat po ng benipisyo ng aswa ko ay hnd dw po ibibgaynaisip kp po dahil ako ay ibang lahumihinggi po ako ng katarunggan

    1. Dito po s korea ngyn po ang problema nakikhati po ang pamilya ng aswa ko sa habby ng aswa ko at hnd pa po ako citizen you can call me 01033949589

    This is my grandchild Nazra, a seven years old innocent girl a picture of hope and happiness. How come this woman saying a word like this is very disgusting and inhuman. This woman from korea is a teacher by profession why she’s trying to destroy hope for my grandchild. I’m calling all the attention of all people whom have a heart to help me to give a lesson to this woman. This woman is ashamed to all teachers please help me to bring back this woman to Philippines for condemmed. Thank you very much!

  84. mam betchay, ang asawa po ng friend ko matagal na hindi tumatawag. at nalaman nya na ma kinakasama na sya dyan. saan pwede po ba sya mag sumbong at para mapa uwi na sya.kasi TNT na rin po sya dyan..kasi gusto na rin nya na maka uwi ang asaw nya sa pilipinas.

  85. maam betchay paano mag report ng tnt para maka uwi na husband ng friend ko. kasi ayaw na umuwi dahil may kasama na sya dyan.. salamat

  86. halo po.may katanungan lng po ako tungkol sa pagrerenew ng expired passport.ano po ba ang mga requirements kasi 2 months na pong expired yung passport ko.hindi ko po kasi namalayan.may mga penalties din po ba dto?

  87. Halo po gusto ko lng pong magtanong kung papano magrenew ng passport.kaso expired napo passport ko ng 2 buwan.hindi ko po kasi namalayan.may mga penalties po ba dto etc?

  88. to all in south korea..about philippenes embassy..kung paano kayu po? mag punta kasi nahirapan kayu mag contact or busy ang linya ..ang dpat nyong gawin ..type nyo sa inyong computer ..ang online,philippene embassy in korea for oline sign up kayo dyan sa inyong comfirm ur code. number..for present the philippene embassy for ur needs documents..kya ..di na kayu mahirapan mag tanong pa? sa iban..god bless to all..

  89. hi good morning,
    hopefully we will visit s.korea on april 13, 2013.
    is it safe to travel to s.korea on that date with the threats of war by the north koreans? my husband is having 2nd thoughts on allowing me to travel.
    please advise.
    thank you

  90. Pwede po ba magpatulong para mahanap ang kapatid namin. Leonardo Micua po ang pangalan. Singul Industry po pangalan ng company niya per POEA records. Nasa ospital po kasi ang nanay namin.
    Please po, pakibalitaan niyo po kami. Andyan po ang email address ko in case po may balita.
    Maraming Salamat po.

  91. mag tatanung lng po sana pede po b mag pa visa sa korean embassy mag expired po kc ang visa ko nasa pinas po kc ang mga anak ko at me reneuwal po b ng korean passport sa embassy?

    1. Hi Catherine! Kung ang mga anak mo ay Korean citizens at may Korean passport, pwede nilang i-renew ang passport nila sa Korean Embassy sa Pilipinas. Ang extension ng visa nila ay sa Immigration Office ng Pilipinas, hindi sa Korean Embassy.

  92. hi ask lng paano ko maka2suhan ang asawa ko n nsa korea gayon tnt n i2 at pati pasaporte ay expired n. bkit din po nagka2roon nang pag aasawa sa korea ganun nag apply cla dyan nang married okey lng b yon sa batas nang korea

  93. by the way the name of guy is benjamin tulo and her mistress thier in korea is luella canayong of iligan but his true wife here in the philippines with her two kids.

  94. Hello po.. ask lang po ako anu po mga documents na kailangan sa pg proseso ng job visa? salamat po..

  95. hello po. tanong ko lang po kung paano po makakapag apply bilang isang ojt sa isang company sa korea? salamat po!

  96. hello po. tanong ko lang po kung paano po makakapag apply bilang isang ojt sa isang company sa korea? salamat po! pano po kaya un?

  97. hi po. pwede po ask .ano po reqts sa report of marriage my husband is a korean and he was divorced. kilangan po ba talaga judicial decree of divorced kahit nandun na lahat information sa marriage cert namin? wala kasi xa cert of judicial decree sabi niya no need kasi nong nag regstr kmi for marriage ibinigay na lahat info
    pls help me po thankx

  98. ser and mam.ask q lng po if umting n po passport q po??july 4.q p kinuha..bk skling npaaga ng dating ang passport q..uuwe po kc kmi ng pinas dis sept. Pm nyo lng po aq kung dumting n po..urgent lng po???pls reply

  99. hello po! pwede po magpatulong? may nakakakilala po ba kay Antonino J. Abulencia? sa south korea din po sya nagtatrabaho. mag 6 months na din kasi na hindi tumatawag sa amin at hindi namin alam kung ano na nangyari sa kanya.tulungan nyo naman po akona hanapin sya..salamat po.

  100. hello po! pwede po magpatulong? may nakakakilala po ba kay Antonino J. Abulencia?asawa ko po sya na nagtatrabaho sa south korea . mag 6 months na din kasi na hindi tumatawag sa amin at hindi namin alam kung ano na nangyari sa kanya.tulungan nyo naman po ako na hanapin sya..salamat po.

  101. Nakakainis lang ang style nila pagka may tanong ang tao hnd nila sinasagot ang phone o email imbis na makatulong sila sa kapwa pahihirapan pa nila kaya ang Filipino’s ay mabagal pa sa pagong,pagkabastusan ang bilis bilis ang Filipino bakit ganyan kaya mabagal ang asenso ng Filipino.

  102. hello tanung q lang kung pwd paba umuwe ng pilipinas kung 5 buwan nlang maxxpire na passport nasa korea kc aq.

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