Everyday should be Children's Day!

We celebrated Children’s Day here in Korea yesterday, May 5th. It’s a yearly celebration that started in 1923. I believe ALL parks were busy yesterday. We tried to go to Uirimji (a lake) in my husband’s hometown but we couldn’t find a parking spot so we just had lunch at a Korean restaurant and then traveled back to Seoul. What usually is a three-hour drive turned to a six-hour slow ride!
As a mother, I think that everyday should be Children’s Day. (And like Oprah) I advocate safety for our kids. I’m a stay-at-home mom now but I’ll be going back to work early next year. One of my worries is finding someone to take care of my son. However, hiring a private a nanny is almost impossible. I’d rather have a relative stay with him while we’re away (or else buy a nanny camera). I have a nephew who had a not-so-pleasant experience with three nannies! I just don’t want my son to experience the same.
At our place there are a few daycare centers, also called “children’s house”. Most, if not all, of them have a nanny camera installed. Parents can log-on to the internet and see what’s going on at the center. If I were working in one of those places, I wouldn’t feel at ease knowing that my every move would be subject to scrutiny by the kids’ parents. Though as a mother, it will give me a peace of mind to see how things are going on with my child while I’m away. If you’re using a nanny camera, should you tell your nanny that you have one?


  1. great blog! it’s enjoyable to read and full of positivity. i find that other blogs from other “foreigners” are full of negativity. i guess being asian (filipina) gives you (and me) and others a different perspective and experience here in korea. keep up the wonderful blog.

  2. everyday should be childrens day and it is to me. I don’t have a yaya because i am afraid that a stranger would take care of my daughter so i chose to be a stay at home mom so everyday i experience a kid day with my daughter hmmmmm i admit it is really hard but very rewarding 😉 i miss taking care of a baby because she is already 6 and she likes to play with other kids already hehe..

  3. @paka >> thank you for your kinds words… i think we’re just happy people that we don’t sweat the small stuff

  4. Haha, my dad was very cheap. He told nannies we have several cameras, but we had none! I actually think that is a great bluff.

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