May 8: Parents' Day

As mentioned earlier, May 5th is a national non-working holiday here in Korea for the Children’s Day celebration. Today, May 8th is celebrated as Parents’ Day or 어버이 ë‚  (eo-beo-i nal). However, today is not a red-marked day on the calendar.
Filial piety is an important virtue in Korea. This is one of the things we (as Pinoys) have in common with Koreans. Love and respect for parents and ancestors is cultivated from youth. I remember reading that during the Choseon dynasty (1392-1910), being disrespectful of parents or ancestors is punishable by law.
In today’s tradition, carnation (the flower) is offered to parents. Gifts also show how much they are appreciated. It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is because it’s the thought that counts (really?). I might just give my parents-in-law custom pens, but I think they might appreciate our time more than anything else. We visited them last weekend, and my husband is hinting that we visit them again this weekend. 😉


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