Buddha's Birthday

Yesterday, May 12, was a national holiday (we had a 3-day weekend again!). We celebrated Buddha’s 2552nd birthday, based on the lunar calendar so the date changes every year. Last year, it fell on May 24 (also my son’s birthday). In Seoul, there’s the Lotus Lantern Parade held on a Sunday before the actual holiday. I didn’t see it this year since we were in the province when it was held on May 4th.
You know that Buddha’s birthday is coming when you see colorful lanterns adorning the roads to Buddhist temples. Jongro (the main avenue in downtown Seoul) for one had been decorated weeks before the holiday. There were also colorful lanterns of various shapes and sizes at the Cheonggye stream (Cheonggyecheon), that we visited last Saturday night.
How did we celebrate Buddha’s birthday? We had lunch with my husband’s brothers and their families. We didn’t go to a temple since we were really tired from a trip to Everland on Sunday. We just watched the specials on Buddhism and Buddha on KBS 1.


  1. Awww, May is a special month for you then! 😉
    I like the things floating on water. Korea looks like a lot of fun!

  2. ^^there are lots of festivals in korea in the spring and autumn seasons… you just have to know how to find them… you should come here someday 🙂

  3. i went there as part of an exchange program last 2006, but i wasn’t able to witness the event itself. we came home just the day before the 3-day celebration 🙁 i wish we could’ve attended 🙁 but really, the preparation is tremendous! lights everywhere! love it 🙂

  4. @Pinay Jade >> we didn’t know that there were lanterns at the area… luck lang talaga 🙂
    @Mariel >> you should come back here… did you have a good experience in Korea?

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