Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin in a drama!

I’m not sure if I read it correctly (since ONE report said Won Bin)… but I’m sooooo excited! It has been four years since we saw Song Hye Gyo in a drama. Her last one was “Full House” (filmed in a house decorated with area rugs and constructed exclusively for the drama) with the internationally known Bi (Rain). She will work with the same TV production and of course, it will be shown on KBS. Her partner in this drama is Hyun Bin (somehow, part of me wishes it’s Won Bin). The title is ‘그들이 사는 세상’ (keu -deuri sa-neun sesang – no official English title yet).


  1. It could mean “People living on Earth/in the world” But it doesn’t sound right as a title, right? hahaha. Btw, thanks Ms. Betchay for the advanced congratz. Toxic na ku ngayon super. But I’m continuing to drop ECs. ^^;

  2. mas masaya kung si won bin hehe kaso nag army yata diba? matagal na pala ang full house ha kakapalabas lang dito nyan last year e kaya si vic sotto my show now na ful’s house e dahil jan as in fulgencio name nya kasi sa show hehehe..

  3. i read this on a few weeks ago. the proposed english title was “the world that they live in”. hopefully, matuloy nga, kasi matagal na din silang di nakagawa ng dramas. have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. @Elliot >> sipag naman! sana matupad mo lahat ng pangarap mo 🙂
    @joanjoyce >> lumabas na si won bin sa army, pero may movie siya na ginagawa eh… mas guwapo siya ngayon
    @marian >> you’re back! at hindi na-spam ang comment mo 🙂

  5. Oooh ..i love these two. Can’t wait to see them together in a drama. Do you know when this gonna happen? Thanks Betchay for the info.

  6. hi ate betchay…
    medyo far off yung reply kong ito…but do you have any idea po how much ang hanbok? and if it’s possible for them to ship it here in the philippines?^^
    i badly need one po kasi,eh..
    Thanks po! 🙂

  7. hi betchay! naku, kaya pala laging nawawala yung comments ko dati eh, na-spam pala siya. baka hindi mo din natanggap nung mag thank you ako sa iyo, kasi nakuha ko na yung bookmark na padala mo. anyways, siguro nakuha mo yung card, kasi di naman siya bumalik dito eh. thanks again!

  8. ^^ ay oo na-gets ko na yung card… thank you nga pala… hindi ko pa nga napansin kasi natabunan ng malalaking bills!
    @sheda >> you can get a ready-made hanbok for as low as 40,000 won or about $40… of course, the price goes up depending on the style and fabric

  9. ooh I love Hyun Bin!! I will definitely wait for this 🙂 i hope it’s going to be good, romantic comedy sana. I dont watch most of the drama ones.

  10. Thanks for the heads up! I never saw Full House, but I have seen Song Hye Gyo (hehe), so this is great news for me!

  11. will they click well together?..i hope so..they are both good in acting, really looking forward to this^^…

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