The Little Prince

I’m not an exception. Every parent I know likes to call their son “prince” and their daughter “princess”. It’s my Little Prince’s second birthday today. He was born on May 24, 2008 at exactly 6:17 PM Korea time at Samsung Cheil Hospital in Chungmu-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul City, South Korea. He is biologically 24 months old and culturally three years old. He is purely Asian (Korean-Filipino-Chinese) but we hope he’ll grow up to be a citizen of the world.
We celebrated his second birthday two weeks ago at an amusement park. We are not gonna have a birthday party and he’s not going to have a lot of gifts. We also didn’t celebrate his 첫돌 or his first birthday lavishly like most Korean kids (but we had three simple celebrations). We haven’t brought him for “pictorials” or those expensive studio photography. I’m not sure if he’s going to blame us in the future for this. It’s not that we couldn’t afford it but we don’t want to raise him very materialistically.
Oops… time to cook the miyeok guk (seaweed soup).


  1. Happy birthday to adorable Seonggyu! He is sure to grow up to be a good citizen of the world because he’s got you guys to love and care for him. I don’t think he would mind not having his pictures taken in an expensive studio. He’s got you as his personal photographer, videographer, and biographer.
    I love The Little Prince. He’s “unique in all the world.”

  2. Happy belated bday to your little prince! He is just so cute! Be careful, Betchay! Girls will be slamming down doors to get to him when he’s older. 😉
    I put little value in material things, and so are most of the guys I know. I know a few girls who are, but overall, it seems to be common for guys not to be materialistic about anything but a car, haha.

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