We Love You Korea – the 2008 Dream Concert

Intrigued! “We Love You Korea” is this year’s banner of the Dream Concert. The show features top Kpop entertainers like TVXQ, Super Junior, Epik High, Wonder Girls and MC Mong. I haven’t heard of this “yearly” concert until this time. Is it because I’m not super interested in attending a concert populated by teens? I was at the Asian Song Festival last year and I barely enjoyed the show because of the screaming fans of the singers/groups that participated in the event. The mostly-teen aged fans even wore color-coded shirts according to their fan clubs.
Unlike the Asian Song Festival, the Dream Concert isn’t 100% free. There’s a 30,000 won admission for souvenirs. Good thing is that it isn’t expensive and the bonus is there are a lot of popular performers attending. The venue is the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, which can accomodate 40,000 (screaming) fans.
The event is on June 7, after the June 6 holiday. We have a 3-day weekend again and I’m sure we’re going to travel somewhere. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a notebook computer and I wouldn’t be able to update my blog on those days.) Hmm seems like this is the best date to visit Seoul for kpop fans.


  1. ^^ you might enjoy it you’re a teener… i couldn’t stand the screams anymore… i’m way pass that age… LOL

  2. I don’t enjoy concerts in general. And frankly, the performances are usually nothing to write home about… I’ve just had a bad experience maybe?
    I do enjoy live performances of other things, such as dances and even the Xmas Spectacular they have in Rockefeller every year. But lip-synched, bubblegum-pop, seizure-inducing colors never really fared well with me, haha.
    Teens are weird! We should beat some sense into them, hehe.

  3. yeah, we love super junior.meron n kming forum d2 sa pilipinas para sa mga suju lovers.

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