My Sassy Girl (Hollywood remake) soon?

Will the Hollywood remake of “My Sassy Girl” make it to theatres in the United States? From its producer’s page, it seems like it’s going straight to DVD. However, its IMDB page shows that it’s going to be shown theatrically in the Philippines on June 4. Looks like the Filipino fans will see it earlier than fans in other countries. I guess then that “screeners” would be originating from the Philippines soon?


  1. Hi, I’m back! I love you’re site. ^___^ As for your post, I don’t really like the idea of adapting Korean movies or any Asian movies to Hollywood/ Western films. Asian stories depict azn culture, custom and the kind of society we have. When these stories are adapted, the whole thing changes. I don’t know, I just don’t like it. I love Korean films as it is.
    Oh yeah, I’ve seen the news about the Pinoy “My Girl” drama. *sigh* What’s wrong with these people? Are Filipinos getting lazy these days and couldn’t come up with their own prod? I’d say it’s mediocrity. I know that a lot of Fils. are gifted but how come we couldn’t come up with something new. πŸ™ So sad…
    *** I like you’re posts. I’d drop by as often as I could. Thanks for the updates. πŸ™‚ I linked your site too.
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  2. I second eden. I really really really don’t think that remakes are a good idea. She’s right. Asian films depict the Asian culture and most of the time these don’t have a counterpart in the Western culture. And I thought I was the only one against these remakes.
    But there’s an exception though. As long as they give justice to the remakes then that should be OK. But I think I’ve never seen a remake that outweighed the original.
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  3. @Eden and Beena – thanks for the visit… you guys made me think of a good remake… i couldn’t think of any… but i love the japanese meteor garden!

  4. I usually applaud remakes, but sometimes you should know when to fold. My Sassy Girl just had a magical charm about it, something spontaneous, not reproducible. You don’t mess with those types of things. I think, even if the original cast and director were to try to make this again, they would not capture the charm of the original.
    This will be worse, and will fail by comparison. It just has to. It might be good for those who haven’t the original.
    Are you going to watch it? Or just read the reviews?

  5. nothing says fail like a Philippines release.
    sad but true. they botched this film, and thats a shame, the original was so good

  6. Oh gawd, I suppose the Hollywood writers’ strike is not over yet for Hollywood to outsource film creativity to some degree. I already feel some disappointments on this US version.

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