Korean dining tables

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There are three kinds of dining tables in Korea. One is the short folding table called 상 “sang”, second is the regular western style 식탁 “shiktak” and the third is the pull-out table, which is usually attached to the kitchen cabinet.
We own two folding tables and a pull-out table. I really wanted to have a proper table, but having additional dining room furniture at our apartment would mean less playing space for my son. He has an electronic car, two bicycles and a slide, all occupying our kitchen/dining room.
The folding table is a space saver. Our medium-sized folding table would accomodate up to six adults. Regular dining tables in Korea are available for 2, 4 or 6 people. When my husband’s family is here, we would just put two folding tables side by side and it would sit up to a dozen people. It’s really practical specially in a small apartment.


  1. Aww I want a 상 too ^^ I think I saw that pull-out table in one of the Korean dramas I’ve watched. I just don’t remember what. I’m tired of the western style tables and I would like to try out the other two for a change. ^^

  2. Haha, I actually prefer space-savers! I’m very minimalistic. But maybe, this time, it’s just because “the grass is always greener on the other side.” we have a dining table, but no one uses it. It’s such a hassle, and we’d rather watch TV or something (we keep the dining room and TV rooms separate).
    adds Betchay’s photo to his Anki flashcards Nice little thing to know, hehe… While you’re teaching English, toss us a few 1337 Korean lessons! How did you learn it? Cold turkey immersion?! =P

  3. @AzureWolf >> LOL! how did you know?
    @Beena >> a 상 is really nice when you have a small room… perfect in korean households

  4. Does anyone know where to buy those low, folding Asian tables online? I had them growing up, but in Kentucky, USA they are difficult to find. Thanks!

  5. My boyfriend has one for sale with a peacock on top it hangs on the wall as art when not in use

  6. Hi, Can any body please tell me the exact measurements of SANG. Especially what is the height from ground to upper level. Waiting for reply.

  7. What Iam look for is table to eat sit on, i have seen them out in the country
    so people have them in there front yard , you can eat on them or just sit
    and talk. I would like to build one for my back yard. can you help me. daniel

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