Defying age

I’ve been watching videos of Lea Salonga on Youtube lately. Remember that she will have a concert here on the 16th. She looks so pretty and young that I’d forgotten she’s 37. She looks a lot younger than her age and she doesn’t look like she had surgery. So I wondered if she’s been using anti aging products on her skin.
I’m 33 (but I’m considered 35 here since I was born in December) and I know that a couple of years from now, I’d have more lines on my skin. It’s a little bit freaky imagining that time will come and I’ll be needing anti wrinkle products. Most of the stuff that seem to work are usually pricey, but there are also affordable products that work. You’ll just need to know where to look for them. I’m interested to try the Murad line since I’ve heard so much about it. Aside from commercially available anti aging stuff, proper nutrition, exercise and a positive disposition are also beneficial.


  1. she’s coming on june 16th? where is she performing?i’d love to see her. the last time i saw her she was in vancouver (oh so long ago) when she was doing miss saigon.

  2. @paka >> she’ll perform at the Seoul Arts Center… there is an ad on the show running on OnStyle… tickets are from 30K

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