Every Night (Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah)

How’s Lee Dong Gun (이동건 – Lovers in Paris) nowadays? He and actress Kim Sun Ah (김선아 – My Name is Kim Sam Soon) had a press briefing yesterday afternoon at the National Museum in Seoul for their new drama ‘밤이면 밤마다’ (bam-i-myeon bam-ma-da). The MBC produced Every Night will premiere on June 23 at 9:55 PM replacing the highly successful “Yi San” which ended early this week. The drama also stars a slimmer Kim Jung Hwa and Lee Ju Hyun.
Every Night is a romantic comedy. After the tragic loss of Lee Dong Gun’s brother, it must be tough playing a comic role.
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  1. Thanks for posting an entry about Kim Suna again.
    I can’t let this post passed by without me leaving a comment. hahaha.
    Thanks again.
    I’m excited to watch this series. ^^*

  2. Oh….I love both of them ! It’s been a while since the last time i’ve seen them in a drama. I’m sure it’s gonna be a good one. Thanks Betchay for sharing.

  3. Wow, yeah, it is such a marked change! I hope she looks just as good in the series…
    Glad to see he is keeping busy…

  4. it’s good that lee dong gun is the male lead star in this drama..he’s always playing the 2nd best(sang doo lets go to school, lovers in paris)..he’s very good looking..i hope he could work with lee da hae or song hye gyo in the future..i think they will blend well (like a smoothie^^joke.)i felt sorry that he lost his brother in such a senseless killing T.T

  5. hi im from iran, i realy like you kim sun ah , me and my family see your series evry night… i hope see you and hyun bin one day…. i love u kim sun a….

    1. sara jun salam.manam esmam sara e.nemidooni cheghadr az neveshtat khoshhal shodam.chon man o khoonevadam ham vaghan asheghe kim sun ah makhsoosan too seryale sam soon esh hastim,rastesho bekhay az nazare akhlaghi o roohi kheili mesle sam soon hastam,hatta mamanam ajib mesle mamane sam soone!!!!!khoshhal shodam ke bahat ashna shodam.va khoshhal tar misham age ba ham dooste interneti beshim.movafagh bashi sara joon.

  6. HI
    kim sun ah has a million of fans every here and there in iran , i think korean actors and actresses will have a good future ,being popular in iran … my people are the hardest persons to be interested in something but korea’s culture is one those …

  7. hi
    Im from Iran . My sister and I watch this beautiul series every night . all the actors and actresses are great especially mr lee dong gun . He is cute and handsome.Iwish to see more series of movies of him

  8. hi I like the titel song of this serie “everynight” but I dont know the name of the song and the singer! Can anybody help me please???!!

  9. hi. my name is sara. I am from Iran. I saw her movies. that is very nice. you are very good looking. I love you more than ever. I like, you go to my country. I hope see you.

  10. Hey guys,I’m iranian too….do u know why there are so much iranian here?? Cause iranians are really intrested in korean drama’s.I,myself, have watched :Dae Jang Geum,Emperor of the sea,Jumong,Phoenix, Hwang Gi’ii,Every night, My name is Kim Sam Soon, Thank u, Medical Brothers, Sad love story ,Love letter,Boys over flowers, and Princess hours. Don u think its too much for an iranian?!!!!! lol

  11. Hi! I’m one of fanatic of korean drama. Thanks for making this series.
    My little sister love this series too. Lee and Kim sun ah has a good match
    hope to see these two korean stars in next series.

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