Kim Sun Ah, photoshopped?

Kim Seon A’s (Kim Sun Ah) before and after photoshop images is the most viewed post on Daum’s bulletin board. Blame it on her new drama, Every Night, that people are talking and will be talking about her until her project ends. I had only caught a glimpse of her new drama with Lee Dong Gun. I couldn’t resist Erik Mun’s (real name: Mun Cheong Hyeok) charm in his drama 최강칠우 (Choi Gang Chil Woo) on KBS 2! I thought Kim Seon A looked really good when they had a press conference for the new drama. I guess when you’re hot, people will talk about you.


  1. Thanks for the post. Ako pa! Kapag tungkol kay Suna nangunguna ako. hehehe.
    I was actually waiting for you to post something about her new drama… but you’re watching Chil Woo…
    Her Film2.0 Pictorial is not one of my favorites though…

  2. ^^I’m also not watching Chil Woo… I got out at night after dinner for a walk eh… we usually have a late dinner @9

  3. That is a marked change, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those “before photoshop” photos were the ones that are photoshopped. If they are not, I can see where the controversy comes from. She lost weight and became a sign of hope for other girls…
    Just my two cents, of course!

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