Gun rights

My friends and I met last Saturday, and one of our topic of conversations (while drinking coffee and over two coffee tables at The Coffee Bean) was how relatively safer it is in Korea compared to our home country.
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that in most Korean movies, there are almost no guns involved. Instead, you’ll see gangsters carrying baseball bats, steel, knives, dos por dos (wood) and the likes. Private ownership of guns is not allowed in South Korea. This doesn’t mean there is no gun-related deaths here. About two years ago, a soldier killed his buddies. Whether accidentally or not, that shocked the whole nation. I wouldn’t want to see Koreans with guns. KWIM?
Should individuals have the right to own guns?


  1. Guns create more “accidents” than safeties, IMO. But I think we have enough statistically information from countries that allow and forbid guns to safely say it is better to be without them… Sure, it might save hundreds, but that’s at the cost of thousands.

  2. Guns should be allowed to anyone who wants one. Personally, I’d rather be shot than beaten to death with a baseball bat or repeatedly stabbed by a knife.

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