Buy the Way

Convenience stores or 편의점 (pyeon-ee-jeom) are common sights in Korea. On our 800-meter long street alone, you could find a Mini Stop, 7-11, GS 25, and Family Mart. Not to mention the 슈퍼 (shu-pa or supermarket but are more like sari-sari stores) that can be found within 100 meters distance of each other. One particular store whose name is a “tourist attraction” is “Buy the Way”. In Tagalog, “bilhin ang daanan”.
I took this picture while we were in a queue for a parking space last Sunday afternoon at the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. There were two police officers taking a break in front of the store so I tried to avoid them in the picture.
On a side note, what I like about stores here is that most are equipped with POS systems so totalling your purchases is fast and reliable.


  1. Why did you try to avoid them?
    I like the name, it is rather clever… Advanced English since it has a double meaning!

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