Weight Loss Surgery

I’ve been frustrated with my weight for the longest time. I was at my heaviest when I was pregnant. I lost about eight (8) kilos last year by walking every night in the summer, but those eight kilos seems to be coming back even if they’re not welcome!
Diet and exercise is the safest way to lose weight. However, for some people a weight loss surgery would be more effective in fighting obesity. Have you heard of the lap band surgery procedure? It is a little bit different from gastric bypass surgery since it’s not as invasive as it’s performed laparoscopically. The intestines aren’t rerouted nor the stomach wall or bowels stapled but instead, a lap band is wrapped around the upper part of the stomach and it can be removed at anytime.
More than 300,000 lap band surgery procedure have been performed on patients worldwide. And hundreds of thousands have benefitted from it. A person who has a BMI of 35 or higher or has a weight-related health condition may qualify for this surgery. I checked mine and thankfully, mine is lot lower than that.
Lap band surgery procedure are performed by highly trained surgeons. There are centers in Los Angeles, Kansas City and Charlotte NC in the USA.


  1. I saw an episode of the Oprah WInfrey Show the other day and they were discussing this weight loss surgery for teenagers who are in danger because of being extremely obese. The doctors in the show said they don’t advocate it unless the person involved is also psychologically prepared for the surgery.
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  2. It is an option for those who are ready to change their life… because you will get the weight back if you continue to live the same life.

  3. I think surgery is the last resort for many. I suppose it depends just how much fat you are carrying. For many it can be life threatening if its not done.
    Nice informative post though =)

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