I’m soooo excited for school to start since I’m expecting to buy a notebook. I’ve been deciding between the MSI Wind, Asus EEE PC 901, HP MiniNote 2133 and another MSI NB. I might go with the Wind…
The MSI Wind has been available in Korea for pre-orders since June 24th but they wouldn’t start shipping until the 8th of July. I’ve seen the price of this baby go down to 599,000 won ($599) from 740,000 won ($740) two weeks ago. Only the white ones will ship next week while orders for the pink and black ones will start shipping from the 15th of July.
The MSI Wind that I’m eyeing uses the newish Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz), 1 GB memory, 10″ widescreen, 1024×600 native resolution, 80GB HDD, internal webcam, SD MC slot, wireless lan, and a 3 cell battery! I might need to get an extra battery for this one. The best part is there is no ODD. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna need it since I also don’t use the one we have in our desktop PC.
Anyway, I haven’t really made up my mind since there’s another notebook from MSI that I’ve been monitoring too but it’s about 70,000 won more expensive than the Wind and it has an ODD 🙁 . It has a 12″ screen and an 8-cell battery.
I read that the Wind will be sold with Win XP pre-installed. I’m really planning on using Linux (so no one else can use it… ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹) and my favorite browser Opera on it.
White, black or pink? I hope they introduce a new color before school starts… why not orange, blue, green and lavender? Good thing is I can get it on a 10-months interest-free installment. Will they perform for cad drawings as well? Let’s see…


  1. Do you know if the Wind will be sold at retail locations?
    Also, what’s the other 70,000 won more expensive model that you are looking at?

  2. @haydee >> i’m not into pink but the pink miniskirt phone is also nice… i’m now thinking of getting both pink gadgets

  3. SSDs are too expensive! And they are the opposite direction of where technology is going…
    Asus EEE PC has been making a lot of noise… I never heard of the other subnotebooks, but after looking at them design-wise and price-wise, I have to wonder why Asus has the spotlight…
    You are a Linux user too?! I used to use it, but there is such a requirement for Windows that I had to switch back… I only missed Picasa and SyncToy from XP.
    Go Linux! It’ll save you money and you’ll have fun! But then again, you have school to deal with so, like me, you might be forced to use Windows programs!

  4. ^^ i was able to try the MSI Wind yesterday… i really really like it now… i can’t wait for august to come so i can get one
    ^^ in korea, windows is a must… but i’ll use linux for a change 🙂

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