Thank heavens for lockers!

[singlepic=617,250,250,left]My son and I were at the Yongsan station last Thursday afternoon. There is a bookstore at the mall connected to the train station. I prefer going there because it isn’t as crowded as other bookstores are. I bought new puzzles for my son since he had mastered the old ones. After shopping, I decided to eat first but thankfully I found some lockers where I stored our stuff. It’s kinda difficult carrying things while running after your toddler.
When I was in school, I always enjoyed the convenience of school lockers and gym lockers. It’s really difficult to carry more than 10 books everyday. I just do my assignments at the library and leave my books and other stuff inside the metal lockers the school provide.
Now that I’m all grown up and living here, I appreciate the steel lockers that are available at the subways and supermarkets. For a small fee, you can store your belongings safely. There are locker benches too that saves space and keep things safe.


  1. That’s interesting… Is it a temporary storage or one you rent out for like a year or something?

  2. dear betchay,
    hi thanks for the blog visit and nice comments. I moderate egroups but have not encountered such peeps. Well anyway mostly those groups were work related so people are pleasant.
    well I am learning blogging hazard given that I am now being read so it is really new for me, also folks at LP are so good enough to say nice things, hehehe…
    I am cooking some ideas and will soon email it to you… how I wish to have that EEE PC soon so I can work freely.
    good day,
    oh lockers indeed very useful and convenient!
    peterahons last blog post..Blog Hazard: Dealing with Nasty Blog Comments

  3. @AzureWolf – temporary storage… they cost just a dollar
    @Eden – oo maghuhulog ka lang ng coins tapos pwede na gamitin… so pag marami kang dala, ayos na… sa supermarket, 100 won lang ang kailangan to store your belongings at makukuha mo rin later pag kinuha mo gamit mo
    @peterahon – i’m also thinking of getting the EEE PC now instead of the MSI Wind… i learned that we won’t need to get another plan or pay more with our current internet subscription… email me with your ideas… i’m sure that’s gonna be exciting!

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