Appearance counts

I live in a country where you are almost always judged by how you look. I didn’t wear makeup whenever I go out before I came here. The women here are known for their “3 inches of make-up” but I know that I don’t have to put on that much or else I’ll look like a corpse. You won’t catch my mother-in-law nor my sisters-in-law out in the neighborhood convenience store without makeup. The first thing they do in the morning is wash their face and put on makeup, before they even prepare breakfast. My MIL would always complain to my husband before whenever I try to go out without putting on layers of sticky cosmetics on my face. LOL
Since I’m going back to school, I’m thinking of updating the cosmetics I use. My must-haves are Chanel lipstick and Lancome mascara. I’m starting to use local brands now as they are more economical since makeup expires and I always feel like wasting money when I have to throw them out before I even use them all up.
I am learning so much from this makeup guide that I’m pretty sure now of the things I need to buy.


  1. hahahahah……i also don’t use a lot of makeup….but it’s really amazing when korean women put 3 inches of makeup…..when i went to the beach for a summer vacation years ago i saw a lot of korean women wearing makeup even at the beach (yeah even while they were swimming)…my husband will always joke around that most of their husbands or boyfriends don’t even recognize them without makeup…kkkk
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    1. LOL… i forgot to mention that there’s a cosmetic shop or two in every street in korea… right?

  2. Strange, I am surprised to hear that. The Koreans I know go au naturale… I abhor too much makeup, almost passionately, lol.
    Maybe it is just very natural-looking or I can’t tell, haha.
    As far as wasting money, you are doing the exact opposite… Expired makeup does a lot of damage, so people who try to save by using it all up tend to spend even more on products that fix the problems (like acne) it promotes.
    Smart move, Betchay! Don’t feel bad!

  3. oh i hate putting on makeup…people there would definately make fun of me. i hardly wear makeup especially during the summer. 3 inches of makeup…i guess it’s alright as long as it looks natural?

    1. Older Korean women use bright red lipsticks while I’ve been noticing the younger ones prefer the “dewy” makeup look.

  4. That’s how you can spot a Korean woman from far away in the U.S., they’re usually over dressed just going to the mall or the supermarket.
    One of the things I don’t like about Korea, its all so superficial, even at work you always are judged from the way you dress right down to the car you drive.
    Emils last blog post..iPhone 3G in South Korea?

    1. So true, I made the mistake of dressing so comfortably (jeans and shirt) when I first came here to meet my husband’s family.

  5. oh how sad… my husband keeps on telling me i dont need to wear make up when i go there (korea) but cfo is telling us otherwise, hehe.. i just hope so it would be okay with my in-laws when i just put concealer and pressed powder, i still dont know how to put on make up.. growing up with 3 brothers and almost all male cousins made me a bit shy to put on make up and i’m really comfortable with jeans and sneakers… ^,^

    1. yup… you don’t need to wear make-up but like emil said, you’re judge here by your appearance… when i go out with my husband, i just put on pressed powder and lip balm 🙂 but i put on full make-up when we go out with the family… you’ll learn eventually 😉

  6. is this for real? you mean when i go there to visit and go out for short trips around korea, i’d look “not-so-normal” if i don’t wear make-up?

  7. i didn’t even think that korean girls wear make-up. they look natural. i have to look closer now.

  8. tchah. this appearance count thing happens only when you reach a certain age. moi? just don;t forget to moisturize, eyeliner
    and lip balm. for extra special purposes, just a good measure of mascara (or i’d look like a hooker, whatever) plus lip tint. no powders for me.. it looks HIGHLY unnatural, and i have NOTHING to hide. ^^
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Writing Comes with a Stroke of Inspiration. =-.

  9. It’s not a real.
    I am a Korean. Some women put on make up for her health to protect UV from the sun.
    3-inches make up?!
    In my opinion, these days some korean women love natural make up & just emphasize on the eye make up.
    ^^ !

    1. Hi Wony! People have different experiences. In my case, I’ve seen my in-laws in the morning fully made up before they even make breakfast. Maybe it’s not true in your case or the people you know, but it’s true with mine and I wrote about my experience ;p
      The “3 inches of make-up” is quoted; thus you shouldn’t really take it literally. I agree though that younger women NOWADAYS seem to prefer the natural make-up look.

  10. Does a really clear complexion count too? o_o
    It’s not like I don’t have a clear complexion or anything but of course, the heat, the oil on the face, and the foods I eat would make it a bit challenging. >_<' (I've never heard of BB cream until 5 minutes ago when I saw your post on it 😀 maybe I should buy some? hehe)

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