Spoiled "cho bok"

“Cho bok” is the first of the “dog days” or “bok nal” in Korea. These are the three hottest days in the summer, according to the lunar calendar. The second one (called “chung bok”) this year will be on July 29 and the last (or “mal bok”) is on August 8. It is a Korean tradition to eat “samgyetang” (ginseng chicken) or “boshintang” (dog stew) on these days.
I went to the grocery on Friday afternoon, pretty excited to prepare “samgyetang” for Saturday’s lunch. It rained heavily on “cho bok” so ours got a little spoiled. Of course, I still prepared the “samgyetang” even if it wasn’t as hot as I had anticipated.


  1. Haha, rain will pretty much do it! I never knew about this, and that you can guess the hottest days based on a calendar!
    So is it bok nal or cho bok? Your old post says the former, and this one says the latter… O_o?

    1. oops… forgot to edit the post… bok nal are the hottest days… cho bok is the first of these days..

  2. yeah it was a rainy “cho-bok” but my husband and I went to visit my mother-in-law because it’s her birthday this week. since her birthday falls on a work day we (my husband and i, together with my sister-in-law and her hubby)decided to make an advanced birthday celebration. we ate 장어 jang-o (eel), they told me it’s also a good summer food in korea because it increases the stamina (good for men actually). i was so surprised because i never liked eating jang-o before i got pregnant, but i actually enjoyed eating it last weekend. yikes!
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    1. happy birthday to your MIL! my hubby said that koreans would rather celebrate birthdays in advanced if they can’t on the day itself… he said that celebrating late is bad luck…

  3. Hello,
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