Cruel punishment

I saw this on the news Tuesday night. This happened on July 18. The parents of a pupil posted the video online. It is of an elementary teacher hitting his grade three pupils with a broomstick.

In the video clip, Oh strikes a boy on the hips and shoulders with a broomstick approximately 10 times. The boy is shown crying and shrieking in pain and fear. The teacher then spanks three other children five times each with the broomstick.
Oh and other teachers said the children had been involved in a fight at recess, and the boy in question had been warned several times before over similar trouble.
Full article: Teacher apologizes for beating children

Click here if the video doesn’t show.
I’m one of those who don’t believe in corporal punishment. I haven’t hit my son (he’s only TWO years old!) and I don’t think I’ll ever will. And he doesn’t hit back when other kids hit him. I got that from watching Oprah. My husband said he’s gonna teach Seonggyu taekwondo when he turns 5. Anyway, it would hurt and anger me if a teacher would do that to my child. A public apology would not be enough, he would have to kneel and kiss my unwashed foot in public.


  1. from what i heard that’s how some korean teachers punish the students….my husband said it’s quite normal years ago and in some schools there are even teachers assigned just for punishing the students.
    chers last blog post..Hidden Meaning

  2. i graduated from a highschool jointly run by Korean and Filipina nuns. However, since the school is a branch of a Korean school, Korean discipline and educational system were enforced. When i was still a freshman, I one time disobeyed a rule (i was unaware of) and as a punishment, instead of me getting whipped, I was given by the Nun-in-charged a wooden ruler so i’d whip her hands instead. oh it was a humiliating experience because i wanted to be gentle but because of my nervousness, i ended up whipping the Nun’s hands in a manner that made her twitch..
    since then i always guarded my actions. some students deliberately watched others’ actions that they may tell the Nuns about them and get severely punished.

  3. i cannot believe that this is also happening there, given that there is a cctv camera. so many times that this kind of cruelty has happened in the Philippines, even at homes. in my opinion, he should also be beaten just like what he did to those kids, twice!

  4. I am not against teachers punishing students with say, a ruler or cane (and not a broom, that was way too much) but they must be careful with the amount of physical force applied. Also, the intention has to be right in terms of teaching them what’s wrong and what’s right, and not just to inflict physical pain. I grew up with such models of punishment and never thought it was not good. It’s just that it could go awry in the hands of people who abuse it.

  5. A teacher should have lots of patience in dealing with children esp. the stubborn ones…To avoid such cruelty…she should make a difference…Mostly students who are naughty do not get the right love and affection from their parents…So if what you give them is the same treatment they get from their parents as cruelty and lack of affection…how could you win his confidence?…how could you make him believe in you moreso make him an abiding student…

  6. @cher >> that’s so true but i think it’s still not acceptable… not for me
    @jehan >> reverse psychology… LOL
    @marian >> not to mention the kids’ handphones… it is an accepted form of punishment but i think the teacher here used excessive force…
    @sollee >> that is so true… i think a teacher who can’t manage his class properly should look for another profession

  7. yeah ate betchay… hehe… it was an all-girls school and i dont know with the other girls, they deliberately make the Korean Nuns angry because in truth, the Korean sisters are more patient than the Filipino sisters…

  8. I am 200% (typo, meant 100%, but I’ll keep it, lol) against physical beatings for anything. Research has time and time again has shown that the best progress for many avenues in life involves only positive feedback with zero punishment, not a mix of both.
    Video won’t load for me, but I’m having computer trouble, but the description is graphic enough. At least he apologized.
    In his defense, I’ve experienced and seen worse. I think for boys, it’s not a big deal. Not saying it’s a good thing in any way, but I don’t think it traumatizes or has a strong impact on boys. We’re a resilient, stubborn bunch, hehe.

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