Dreaming to be a talent in Korea?

My friend Jasmine called me last Thursday asking if I knew a talent agency in the Philippines that could provide a good-looking Filipina to be cast in a movie and an ad. I was very busy that time that I almost forgot about it. She posted the requirements in her blog. So if you’re a Filipina (and you’ve spent hours on the treadmill) and you would like to be in a Korean movie or an ad (must be in Korea), then this is your chance.
Visit her site for more information.


  1. Cool! But I fill none of the requirements except for age, haha. I always wanted to be in a movie, even just a short part.

  2. Hi. Hello. I’m Jacky, i’m a talent for almost 4 years. I’m pretty lady who loves to act and sing and done a lot lot of tapings in t.v, movies and commercial.Hope i can do some tapings in Korea if God’s will.Hope to receive a reply from you.Thank you and God bless you.
    Respectfully yours,
    Jacky L.

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