Lee Yong Dae wink!

[singlepic=687,250,250,right]There’s a new sports hearthrob in Korea in the person of Lee Yong Dae (이용대), the badminton mixed doubles gold medal winner in the Beijing Olympics that defeated the Indonesian team. He was born on September 11, 1988 and hails from Hwasun in Jeollanamdo (a province in the south).
I didn’t see the whole finals of the badminton mixed doubles but he was featured in a news program last night. Apparently, he’s turned into a sports hearthrob in Korea and girls are going ga-ga over him and his now famous “wink” that was caught on cam after scoring in one of his games.
Aside from his winning an Olympic gold medal, netizens are taking note of his resemblance to Korean celebrities like Lee Seung Gi (이승기), Kim Beom (김범), Jon Jo (ì¡´ì¡°), and Baek Jong Min (백종민). Check out his website, he’s got lots of pics there.


  1. That’s an ugly wink (he’s far from ugly though)! He should milk this and either get a lot of money or a really hot gf, hehee.

  2. @AzureWolf >> he looked like he’s picking his nose on that picture… LOL
    @cher >> same chinese characters? we named our son (성규) after his father… 용성
    @marycar >> an olympic medalist? kidding…

  3. u are so amazing,, i know that u can get many championship in all part of the world and of course many fans like me i’m sure and i know that u are the best””LOVE YOU LEE YONG DAE>>>>>>

  4. lee young dae ntu super guanteng…………………..
    lee young dae adl sgalanya bwt gw
    luph U………….,………….,

  5. Lee Yong Dae Saranghe !!!!! ^ ^ you are the best player in the world and off course in my heart lol

  6. Ya ampun Lee Yong Dae kmu ganteng bgt d………
    Trussssss berjuang y biar kmu bs jd pemain yg handal dan bs jd peringkat pertama disluruh dunia.Aku akn trus dukung kmu dan berdoa supaya kmu tetap bnyk yg dukung.Klo ad pertandingan lg kmu hrs menang ya.Berjuang terus dan jgn putus asa ooooccccceeeeeee.

  7. ur great. more practice & u can beat even d best mens doubles player. stay cute Ü

  8. lee yong dae you are great
    eventhought u not atlet from indonesia I’m proud of u.
    you are so handsome he……………and so cutee………
    keep spirit!!!!!!!

  9. saranghaeyo………………
    di antara ssemua pemain badminton yg saya kenal..
    cuma dia yg paling=
    ~my prince charming
    ~paling baik n bagu mainnya
    ~punya byk energi
    ~smashnya so amazing..
    ~gx gampang menyerah, semuanya d………………
    yg lain gx bagus..

  10. Oh,lee,q ngepens bgt ma u!to tuit bgt seh?eh,btw model rambut lee keren bgt gila!huhuhu,smoga tambh keren aja,,

  11. Lee yong dae… we are u’r fans from Indonesia…
    Oh my god… u are great badminton player.. and also the cutes player in the world we think.
    do u feel that?ha…ha…
    we are ur number one fans…
    keep ur good play oky…
    love u so…. ^_^

  12. Oh my god
    Lee Yong Dae very,very cute and cool
    i hope can meet lee yong dae in Indonesia
    i luph mu lee yong dae

  13. ngapain bangga ama pemain bangsa lain sih? nasionalisnya kemana bu? mending dukung indonesia kale… even lee young dae cakep tp tetep dah dukung timnas kita. betul..betul..betul..

  14. Hi, Yong-dae,are you fine? I’m your fan from Malaysia. I wanna say that, you’re sooooooooo cute and handsome!LOL! Even my mum say that…… but my sis hates you……–||

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