Goodbye, Beijing Olympics! Hello Chelsea FC!

We’re going to say goodbye to the Beijing Olympics tomorrow. I will surely miss turning on the TV expecting to see an Olympic game. At least, the Premier League had started and it’s time to support our favorite team – Chelsea FC. My husband follows their games as much as he can. Since we only have one television, I got used to watching them too and support them as well. I think he’ll be excited if he ever gets Chelsea FC Tickets.
One of our dreams is to watch a Premier League game in person. Manchester United was here last year and they played against FC Seoul. The team and the games received a ton of media coverage, from the time they landed at the airport until they left.
If the ball club visits here someday, I’m pretty sure it would be difficult to get Chelsea FC Tickets. After all, Koreans love them and Samsung is their sponsor. In fact, the club’s site is available in Korean.
Those living in the UK are lucky. They could easily watch any Premier League game. If they need to get Chelsea FC Tickets then all they need is Ticket Solutions. They specialize in Premiership Football and concerts and theatre events in the UK and around the world too.

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