Korea won the gold for Olympic baseball

Baseball is undoubtedly the most exciting game in this Olympics for me! We (and probably the rest of Korea) tuned in to the games between South Korea and Cuba even before the scheduled 7PM (KST) game. The game lasted for more than three hours (3 hours and 15 minutes) and Cuba’s last inning made everyone’s heart here pound. My husband probably drank a liter of water to keep his nerves and I kept on laughing the whole time.
After the play-off between Korea and Japan yesterday afternoon, my husband told me that he’s not expecting gold. He’s already happy that Korea won against Japan. Cuba is a tough team and one of the best when it comes to baseball. Korea’s win surely is not expected.
Final score is 3-2. Thank you Cuba for such a great game.
Pictures of South Korea vs Cuba Olympic baseball finals.


  1. Wow that’s great! Congratulations Korea! You are right Betchay, Cuba is hard to beat in baseball…but Korea is the best. Aja aja!

  2. Unfortunately for us, they did not show the gold medal game live. However, with this win, I really hope more Korean baseball players get their opportunity in the MLB. So many Japanese players have found success there, I’m sure Korean players should not be too far behind in quality.

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