For the First Time

If I were in the Philippines, I’d definitely watch this movie. I never thought much of Richard Gutierrez since I’d only seen him in one film so far – Sigaw or The Echo (original version). I wasn’t impressed by his acting in the movie but I thought he’s really a good looking guy. I’ve always liked KC Concepcion, on the other hand. She’s just so pretty, articulate, classy, and talented. I was a bit surprised when they announced that the two were going to make a movie. Richard Gutierrez is a valuable kapuso while KC has always been identified as a kapamilya. Their first movie together is called “For the First Time” and is directed by Joyce Bernal, who’s been really good when it comes to light romantic films. The movie will be shown on the 27th. I think it’s a typical love story but it seems nice anyway. I’ll have to wait until it’s available on DVDs.
By the way, I love their guesting on Sharon’s show last night. Anabelle Rama, aka Bisaya and mom to Richard, cracked me up the whole time. She’s such a riot and the way she talks kinda reminds me of my MIL. Their guesting is available on Youtube (piefries).
Gotta run! I need to check our auto insurance.

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