Shin Min Ah vs Son Tae Young

It’s Shin Min Ah vs Son Tae Young – for what? They were caught wearing identical dresses (by Kenzo) and gladiator shoes. Shin Min Ah wore the green polka dot dress (and gladiator shoes) with a camisole at an affair sponsored by LG Xnote on July 15.
Son Tae Young, on the other hand, wore the dress (and the gladiator shoes) for a lifestyle magazine. She is surely pretty but are those “coins” on her legs? Airbrush gone wrong?
I like how versatile the dress is.


  1. i like son tae young, she’s really beautiful but for me, shin min ah really rocked the dress better…

  2. 0_0… Well, Son Tae Young for me!! It looks very good on her, she has nice curves!
    But in Min Ah’s case (no offense, she cool) it doesn’t flatter her at all!

  3. my vote is 4 shi min ah, she looks amazing on that dress, she’s reallllllllyyyyy reallllllly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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