I can now feel the pain of being a mother, a wife and a student. Okay, I’m not working yet but I soon will and I can just imagine how difficult it would be. I used to get 7-9 hours of sleep a day before going back to school but now it’s just 5-6 hours. I also haven’t been eating well since I’m usually tired when I get back home. I just heat whatever is in the fridge: egg, canned tuna, tofu, kimchi!
I’m exhausted, not just tired. I’m now looking for Vitamin B that are said to be stress controllers. According to Wikipedia, Vitamin B promotes cell growth and division, support and increase the rate of metabolism, enhance immune and nervous function, and it also maintains healthy skin and muscle tone.
I’m choosing between Optimum Nutrition’s Stress B Complex with Vitamin C and Nature’s Way B-100 Complex. Whenever I look in the mirror, all I can see are the dark semi-circles under my eyes which made me believe that I really need to take vitamin supplements.
When I was pregnant, my doctor recommended me to take Folic Acid which is one of the ingredients in Schiff’s B Complex 50. I read before that women should really be taking Folic Acid, especially those who are trying to get pregnant. Anyway, I think that eating the right foods is still the best way to get the nutritients our bodies need. Eating nutritious food for me now is a tall order.


  1. hello betchay! i know the feeling, i can relate to you. kasi ako nagca-cater ng food, tapos ako lang din sa bahay, wala akong help. i started taking Stress B-Complex with Vit C and Zinc last March. and i can say na effective, i sleep better and i feel energized sa morning. magaan ba yung pakiramdam mo. and kahit ma stress ka, di mo masyado maramdaman, unlike before na hindi ako nagtake nito. puro supplements lang kasi noon.
    I suggest na i-take mo yung stress B-complex, kasi mas concentrated yun and mas kelangan nating mga babae ng B vitamins.
    sige, have a greeat weekend and hinay-hinay lang ha. hugs

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