Reverse phone look-up

I was awakened early this morning by the phone ringing. It took me some time to get up and answer but when I did, it was an automated voice prompt on the other line. Don’t you just hate that? We have a caller ID on our phone but it doesn’t tell us who the phone owner is. There is one website I know that tells you about the caller’s identity, as listed on the directory. It is a reverse phone search database and you can search any number in the United States and Canada.
I sometimes don’t answer phone calls from numbers that I’m not familiar with. There are times though that my friends or family members use other phone numbers, i.e. office number, and I don’t want to miss any message that they might have. I think the reverse phone search database is a good service for people like me who values privacy. I can just type in the number and find out who’s calling.
Caller Base offers this type of service. They don’t use any privacy-infringing methods. You can look up millions of numbers in the United States and Canada, including private (unlisted) and cellphone numbers. Isn’t that neat?

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