Hanbok: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

[singlepic=709,250,250,right]My son and I visited the Namsangol Hanok Village last August 30th for the Seoul Food Festival (while my husband was at his hometown cleaning their ancestors’ graves). The festival itself was disappointing since there aren’t a lot of food on display. There was a huge poster of the different seasonal dishes at the entrance but with no English explanation. There are tables where you can try the food but if you’re a foreigner, you might get lost in the long line of Koreans eager to try them as well.
If the Seoul Food Festival turned out to be a disappointment, I enjoyed the other event at the Namsangol Hanok Village. There is a display of hanbok or traditional Korean clothing at one of the “houses” at the “village.” The theme of the event is “Hanbok: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Again.” The title sounds a little awkward but it just means that there are hanbok for different seasons. I took photographs of all the hanbok in display. My favorites are the spring hanbok. Their colors are light and I thought that the floral design (not really my style) are pretty.
While I was taking pictures, a group of Japanese tourists arrived. The tour guide didn’t bother to stop and let the folks she was touring to take pictures. It made me wonder how they could appreciate the places they visit with that style.


  1. i love HANBOK! i would love to wear my hanbok all the time but i can’t……we don’t wear hanbok at our kun jip on chuseok and even on seol-nal….i got to wear my hanbok only three times….bwahahahaha, for my wedding picture, my sister-in-law’s wedding and my father-in-law’s retirement party….i wish i coul wear it more often…kkkk(but dry cleaning is also very expensive).
    chers last blog post..Down with a cold

  2. i also like wearing my hanbok… i feel like a princess… LOL! but you’re right… dry cleaning is sooo expensive!

  3. i was looking at your blog this afternoon when my friend’s 4-yr old daughter suddenly came to the room and asked me why was i playing “‘dress up””??? kekeke….
    she thought i was looking at a dressing up game— her favorite online game. i explained to her what Hanbok is and she requested i take my picture when i get the chance to wear one and send it to her mom so she could see it…

  4. I hope I can have One of them soon….I’m still student that can’t afford to buy this hanbok…
    I like this…so much….very nice hanbok…Can’t wait until wear this, must be like princess…

  5. Yeah! actually i will wear this on my wedding day this Saturday Sept 18, 2010 i choose to wear it than white long gown! is it Fine?.. ^_^

  6. I love the spring hanbok, it’s so lovely!!! omg, I can’t help myself seeing the pic again and again>.< never saw habok as beautiful as the pink spring hanbok, the floral design was so cute

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