[singlepic=725,250,250,left]There’s a new Filipino dramedy that got my attention – I Love Betty La Fea! It’s the Filipino remake of the worldwide phenomenon that is Yo Soy Betty La Fea. Thanks to “Dave” I was able to watch the pilot and the succeeding episodes.
Bea Alonzo fits her character – Betty La Fea – to a T! She looked so nerdy with her glasses, braces and wig! Her clothes are hideously “baduy” too. She has successfully transformed herself into her character. She doesn’t remind me of the gorgeous girl in the popular drama “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay” that I saw years ago!
The supporting cast of the dramedy is well chosen. Wendy Valdez reminds me of herself in Pinoy Big Brother. LOL! I never really liked Ruffa Gutierrez but I think she’s doing well as Daniella. John Lloyd Cruz was a little awkward at the pilot episode. I thought he’s too young for the role of playboy Armando, but he’s slowly evolving. He’s a good actor after all!
I also find the “kanto boys” funny. They look like they need to be in a drug rehab for drug treatment! LOL!
Since we don’t have TFC here in Korea (oh we do have the expensive TFC Ko!) I’m just relying on uploaded videos from Youtube. I was able to watch Pinoy “MY Girl” this way.


  1. Bea and John Lloyd are both good actors..and yes..Ruffa is perfect as Daniella..I’m watching this drama too..and I love it!

  2. i always wake up anticipating the uploaded episode of the previous night… i’m hooked… my bestfriend in the Philippines is so glad that i am. she is an active LABERS:-)… don’t you just love Hugo? “Patricia!!! kape…. hahaha)
    wendys last blog post..‘Twas my Pride!

  3. i love bea in there…that character really fits her…i hope theres another episode on it..coz i hear its almost done

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