Celine and Charice Duet?

I wonder if you could still call Celine and Charice’s performance a duet. After all, Celine gave her stage generously to Charice and the latter delivered! Celine invited Charice to perform the song “Because You Loved Me” for the Madison Square Garden leg of her “Taking Chances” Concert Tour. The Filipina singer flew all the way to New York (from Edmonton, Canada?) to fulfill a dream to sing with her idol on September 15 (NYT). I had to watch their performance several times. The 16-year old girl gave me goosebumps especially at the beginning of her song. I could feel how much she’s dedicating it to her mother.
I’m so happy for Charice not because she’s a Filipina, but because of what she’d gone through and for the doors that have been opened for her. She’s an inspiration – PERIOD!
Here’s the full 10-minute video of Charice’s dream fulfilled – a duet with the generous Celine Dion who gave her stage to a fan! Posted by cherbear


  1. oh i saw this video several times and yeah it gave me goosebumps too…she just gets better and better each time I see her perform.

  2. Hi, Charice fans! I just made extensive updates to my Charice blog posts, including a BRAND NEW chapter on FalseVoice’s contributions to Charice’s career. I interviewed FalseVoice and worked with him to make sure the timeline of events was completely accurate. Here’s the link:
    Let me know what you think!
    Phil Bolsta
    Author of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything” (www.sixtysecondsbook.com)

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