An Australian vacation?

Australia is one of the favorite destinations of Koreans especially during the winter and summer vacations. Even soon-to-be-married couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young spent some time in Gold Coast, where they were spotted by fans in March 2008.
One of the reasons people flock there is for English education. You’ll find some of the hotels around Sydney easily booked for this reason. English learners, especially, like the weather during the winter vacation in Australia. Aside from polishing their English, they get to enjoy the sights and of course, beaches of the country.
My parents-in-law, who visited Australia last year (November 2007) and had their accomodation in Melbourne, enjoyed the food most. I was actually surprised to find that out since they always eat Korean food when they travel abroad. I guess the beef in Australia must be really good for them to forget kimchi for a while. LOL!
I’d love to visit Australia someday. Hopefully, we’ll find the time to go there next year. At least I know where to look for discounted hotels in this dream destination!

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