Korean girl group Jewelry

We spent our Saturday morning at the Peace & Unity Marathon at the Imjingak in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. My husband participated in the half course – 20 km – and he was able to finish the run even though it took him a long time.
A show was held after the marathon featuring popular Korean groups and singers: Park Sang Min, Shinee, Crying Nut, Jewelry and Jang Yoon Jung (who popularized the song “Omona”). We only saw Crying Nut, Park Sang Min and Jewelry. While the first two performers sang live, the girl group lipsynched and dance. Oh well, what could we expect?
The Korean girl group Jewelry is composed of four “lookers”: Park Sung Ah, Seo In Young, Baby J and Kim Eun Jung. They lipsynched two songs, one of them is their hit song “One More Time.” They were interviewed after that song then they sang another one. At the backstage, they were interviewed again. I took pictures and now I’m posting them here 😀 Too bad we missed Jang Yoon Jung.
The girls look so slim, don’t they? I’ll probably need to take alli to be in their shape!


  1. That’s so cool. ehehe. Hmm.. I’ve actually heard of the girl group called jewelry. Aren’t korean artists known for lipsynching though? We have kbs world channel and I was able to watch a show called Music Bank. I think most of the artists there are lipsynching. I think korean artists emphasize on dance choreography more than singing, at least in the pop genre ^^

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