Choi Jin Sil – Jung Da Bin coincidence

Netizens have been talking about the eerie coincidence in the lives of Choi Jin Sil and Jung Da Bin. Jung Da Bin debuted in the movie “The Land of Gingko” (단적비연수) which starred Choi Jin Sil. The former played the role of “Little Choi Jin Sil.” They were both found dead in the bathroom, Choi Jin Sil by her mom and Jung Da Bin by her boyfriend. Jung Da Bin died in February, 2007.
I haven’t seen the movie but I’m now curious to see it.


  1. hi betchay! is this also, “the gingko bed”? cause i’ve seen a dvd of this sa astrovision dati pa. but i doubt kung may mabili pa ako, na-curious ako bigla kasi. 😉

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