100 "Mixed" couples wed

The first time I heard about mass weddings was in 1994 (?) when a Korean religious group hosted one for its Korean and Filipino members. I saw it on the news first and then Kabayan Noli De Castro (now Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines) featured it on his popular late Saturday afternoon current affairs program, Magandang Gabi Bayan. I thought it was weird seeing so many couples get married at the same time. Now I think it’s practical for those who want to have a wedding minus a lot of the expenses associated with it.
Last Saturday morning, the Korean government hosted a mass wedding for 100 “mixed” couples, a Korean and a non-Korean. Here’s an excerpt of the news article that can be found on Korea Times:

The Ministry of Justice hosted the joint wedding at the park’s 88 Lawn Field for 100 Korean-foreigner couples, whose wedding ceremonies had been delayed due to financial hardship.
This is the first event of this kind hosted by the government. The event, dubbed “Together Festival,” was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean government as well as to show the Korean government is ready to embrace a multiracial family.
Gov’t Hosts Mass Wedding for Multi-Racial Couples

And here are some pictures I found on the internet:
Those couples must’ve purchased anti acne products to keep their skin clear for the wedding!


  1. my aunt was one of those who got married c/o rev. moon. she’s in korea now living with her korean husband who is a farmer and they have a beautiful daughter. sadly she doesn’t speak good korean so she ended depressed having no other person to talk to.
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  2. I had a different view about mass weddings before, but then again, everything changes. I’d say, as long as they are happy and they really love each other, then it’s good! It’s actually a big help too! 🙂
    edens last blog post..Okay, so what’s new?

  3. It looks nice…it’s definitely more practical to do it this way.I hope it works out well for all of them.
    I am married to a dutch man for six years now so happy tales are also possible;)

  4. @margz — i also have a friend who got married through the unification church… she lives in seoul though and is happily married…
    @eden — oo nga, i also thought mass weddings are tacky… LOL… but now i think differently… well it’s not for me
    @Jade — I had a dutch boss before and he’s really a great guy. For us, the nationality of our husbands isn’t a hindrance to a great marriage, right?!

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