English zones = more English teachers?

My Korean classmates and I had a 3-hour “coffee break” in Itaewon yesterday. They mentioned that the government will push for the “teaching of English in English” program. They also said that English teachers from non-native English countries would be hired aside from the native speakers. I’m not sure how accurate their news is but this article in Korea Times might “confirm” that the country might hire more English teachers next year:

Apartment complexes will be able to build English immersion zones and facilities for residents from next year, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs said Wednesday.
Read the full article on English zones allowed in apartments.

With all these plans, will Korea finally allow non-native speakers of English to teach in the country? We can only wait and see…


  1. Sorry kung di ito ang tamang thread sa tanong ko.
    Mayroon na bang english school dito sa Korea na pwedeng pasukan ng mga english speaking children?
    As in yung English lang talaga at di na kailangang magsalita ng Hanggul?

  2. @EPS >> okay lang… pagkakaalam ko may mga foreign schools na english ang medium of instruction… mahal nga lang sila… last time ko ni-check ang tuition ay mula $20,000 a year pataas…
    isa pang option is homeschooling…

  3. Hi!!
    It’s good to know that there’s a site like this for Filipinos.
    JDS, a private school is looking for english teachers for the english camp this coming Dec. 22 until the second week of February. Volunteers are also open to all who has the passion in sharing their talents and skills in running Camps. The school is located at Chojidong, Ansan City. Classes starts 9am and ends 3pm. If interested, please call 010-29709763 or 010 8697 2528, look for Miliam Park.

  4. home schooling……..
    it’s an approach in teaching na one to one. teachers will go to houses where their students are.
    sabi nila, it’s more effective than teacher centered approach of teaching.
    students are also not allowed to move on another topic if they don’t master the subject.

  5. jds school….yan, no korean language allowed inside the classroom. Mahirap para sa mga koreans but it’s far effective. Now the korean students can practice their english abilities. the school is also looking forward to accept filipino and foreigners students. so if you know some mothers looking for the right school, tawag na sa phone number above.

  6. my husband submitted my resume at incheon’s job center and it’s frustrating that the schools readily accepting Pinays as teachers are 2-3 hours away, as we received 3 calls already. and those who would call that are so near or reachable by subway require me to at least have an intermediate knowledge of the korean language, kkkk….
    jehans last blog post..My Winter Wonderland…

  7. to Jehan, that case is different, now some of the schools policies are speaking full english inside the school campus. i am speaking about experience. so you don’t have to worry about korean language. i am not really good at korean language.

  8. Pede po magtanong…?
    I’ve been searching sites for korean students learning english in the phils and could hardly find one. Huhuhu… starting to feel frustrated.
    I am teaching english and planning to post an ad for a private tutorial. Would you know some sites where I could post an ad?
    I would really appreciate it! =) Thank you!
    This blog is ABSOLUTELY helpful and informative!
    Vivienes last blog post..Common mistakes

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