Under the sea

One of the things in my things-to-do list before I die is go on a diving expedition. Seriously. Whenever I see the underwater world on TV, I can’t help but be envious of the divers. First, I need to learn how to swim!
I grew up in a region where beaches and marine life abound but have you heard of the islands of Coiba, Cocos and Malpelo? All three islands are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they are all located in Central America. Coiba National Park is in Panama, Cocos Islands is in Costa Rica, while Malpelo Island is in Colombia. These islands are all famous and admired by divers for their dynamic and diverse marine life. Large population of hammerhead sharks, rays, dolphins and other marine species can be found in the area. Coiba, in particular, has rare species of flora and fauna. It also has the second largest coral reef in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.
If you want to experience liveaboard diving in the Eastern Tropical Pacific area, Coiba Dive Expeditions offers a 7 night tour of Coiba and 10 or 12 nights tour of Coiba and Cocos or Malpelo. Their expedition vessel, MV Yemaya, can carry a maximum of 16 guests. It is also well equipped for filming and scientific purposes.


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