Roxanne Guinoo, battered ex-gf?

I don’t know much about Roxanne Guinoo except that she was in the same batch as Sandara Park in Star Circle Quest. I just know that she’s one of the most promising talents in ABS-CBN. A few days ago, I read an article on Pinoy Parazzi about the alleged assault committed by Jake Cuenca on Roxanne Guinoo. They even have pictures showing Roxanne wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt with bruises on her arms.
Was Roxanned Guinoo really assaulted by ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca (honestly, I don’t know this guy) when they were in Guam for an ASAP show? Why isn’t she talking about it then? In another news article in the same website, Rafael Rossell said that they were asked to protect their fellow artists. In short, they’re not supposed to talk about it. There are some tabloid reports that Roxanne provoked Jake, but I think that doesn’t justify an assault. I just wish that Roxanne, if she was really physically abused, would not just keep mum about the whole affair. Violence in any form is totally unacceptable.
Roxanne Guinoo, BINUGBOG ni Jake Cuenca – article and photos


  1. oh, she’s too pretty to be treated like a punching bag…hard to be in show business eh…you couldnt be true to yourself…if i were roxanne’s brother i would whacked this guy off!!so that his face wouldnt see the light of day…

  2. hay…nko ang pangit ni jake cuenca para kay roxanne, mas bagay kay roxanne c ronie liang noh!jake cuenca playboy,bastos…mukha pang adik buti nlng wla na sila n rox kc hnd cya bagay kay roxanne…roxanne s 2 much beautiful 4 jake……buti pa maghnap nlang c jake ng taong daga….go roxanne!

  3. bagay naman sila ni roxanne at kaje kaya lang bad boy talaga si totoo para syang addict talaga.pero sayang loveteam nila d tumagal.more teleserye for thier team up sana para lalo silang sumikat.minsan d na me na nonood sa abs cbn kasi wala na team up nila ni jake at roxanne.

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