Teacher beats schoolgirl

One of the most popular searches yesterday on Daum is about a teacher caught beating HIS student on cam! I was going to post it yesterday but I was soooo busy with my projects (still busy!) The news story is also the most read story today on Korea Times.

The one-minute-long clip, which was recorded at a girl’s high school in Daegu City, begins as a group of some 10 schoolgirls are going through disciplinary punishment, doing squats with their arms around each other’s shoulders at the command of a male teacher, similar to what soldiers do in the army.
But the tense atmosphere gets worse as one of the schoolgirls breaks away from the formation, saying she cannot take it due to an injury. The teacher beats her on her thigh with a rod and starts to slap her on the cheek and also hits her on the head as she protests the corporal punishment.
Source: Teacher beating schoolgirl caught in video clip

One of my classmates who used to teach at a public school said that teachers are allowed to punish their students with a stick measuring not more than a foot; however, they’re only allowed to hit the student’s palms. The problem with corporal punishment is that most of the times it’s done in anger and there are times when the punisher loses self-control. I kinda pity high school students in Korea. They get too much pressure from their parents and school as well. I don’t remember studying as much as they did when I was in school and get punished they way they do. One punishment I remember getting was getting hit on my fingers because my fingernails were dirty. From that time on (I was in grade one?), I’ve been keeping my fingernails short!
Here’s the video of the teacher punishing the high school student.
Other videos in case the first one doesn’t work.


  1. tsk.tsk.tsk. wake up Korea! before all your children go to the suicide pits… on top these corporal punishments, the pressure to be above average is sickening enough.

  2. I don’t get it, there are so many other cases on caught on video… If I were a teacher I’d be scared as hell to do anything like this, that is unless they get away with it with just a slap on the wrist. But this is Korea, so go figure 🙂

  3. I think it’s better not to hold a stick anymore inside the class coz at times admit it or not whether you are the most patient teacher in the whole world ..there are some situations where you can lose your temper..so I prefer not to hold a stick inside the class..

  4. In my country, teacher is not allowed to punish student with any kind of rod that would injurt the student. So, the teachers nowadays lose the power they used to have during my school time. What a shame…

  5. a few days ago, i also heard about a 9-yr old girl in the philippines who fractured her left forearm because her teacher hit her with a bamboo stick (arnis?)… and all because she got a low score on her test

  6. Ahh, the memories this brings back of my time in public school years ago.
    It’s strange finding this article, in that I was looking for articles on “A-rod”, and instead found this, involving discipline with “a rod”. Cute.

  7. what a f**k!!!
    this teacher should be put behind the bars and torture him as the way he did to his students or maybe we could torture his daughter in front of him as the way he did to his students..hmmm…what would he feel???
    this is giving the children too much pressure that will probably lead to suicide. tsk..tsk..why are they not realizing it?

  8. Where I’m from, we get hit at school too. But you know, we don’t get all rebellious and stuff… But at least we’ve never got a beat down like that girl. We get a few slaps on the cheek or some butt whoopings, but the teacher never does it out of anger.

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