English teachers for winter camp

This has been posted on the comments section of one of my posts. I thought it is worthy of a separate post:
JDS, a private school is looking for english teachers for the english camp this coming Dec. 22 until the second week of February. Volunteers are also open to all who has the passion in sharing their talents and skills in running Camps. The school is located at Chojidong, Ansan City. Classes starts 9am and ends 3pm. If interested, please call 010-29709763 or 010 8697 2528, look for Miliam Park.


  1. This would be so cool to do! If only the camp was two-weeks long, lol, which is all my winter break is!

  2. Well if you can only make is for two weeks, then you could attend only two weeks. You are very much welcome to be one of the teachers.

  3. Oh dear, I wish I was there in Korea…it would be so cool. You guys should have posted this earlier. Is this a yearly activity? cos if it is, I’m definitely going there to teach and to travel as well. I can’t wait!

  4. Wow! Your post truly catches my interest… Just arrived here in Korea and currently residing at Goyang-si with my Korean husband… Im going to start my Korean language class this coming Monday and will commence on December 10, 2009 to polish my ability in speaking Korean language… Your activity then is just so right to fill in with my schedule…
    May I know what are your requirements, for me to join your winter activity?
    By the way, are you particular with the nationality of those who can join?
    Thank you and Im hoping to hear from you soon.

  5. Hello! This is Sheena Ornopia.I used to be a korean english tutor last jan. 2012.
    pls consider my application thank you! =))

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