Koreans in the Philippines

Koreans are everywhere in the Philippines. You can find them in their communities from as far as north as Baguio City to Angeles and even in the southern city of Davao. What has attracted them to live in the Philippines? If they have businesses, are they all legal? How do they interact with the locals?
Y Speak, a show on ABS-CBN’s Studio 23, featured a special on “Korean in the Philippines” earlier this year. I found it posted on Youtube in five parts several months ago but I haven’t seen all. I’m planning to watch them all this week when I have more time. For those who are interested, here are the links to the show uploaded by darkhawkz.
Koreans in the Philippines – part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5


    1. Canada is a nation of melting pot, and it turned out great. You see diversity everywhere and people just come to know more about and accept their differences and come to learn how to live together. Although Canadian society in general is more European-like than Asian.
      For Philippines, to be a nation of melting pot is less likely to happen. Or if it will, not in the near future.

  1. oh ate Betchay… sorry, nalimutan ko tumawag.. but let me greet you here a belated happy birthday and i know you had a very happy one… panalo si Pacman… ulit, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    jehans last blog post..Little Cacheros…

  2. As a Korean, I visited the Philippines last spring.
    I went to Bagguio City, and maybe saw 30 Koreans as I went around the city?
    I went to the large mall, which was where I saw mostly all the Koreans.
    Of course, some of them may have been from other East Asian countries.
    Anyway, it was a great experience!
    Hard to find random Koreans on the streets however.
    – Random Korean
    Find more stories at my website,

  3. Maybe because life here in Philippines is easier than in Korea. I have a korean friend and she told me that. All the expenses and the commodities in Korea are expensive. Take for instance, their Mcdonals Softdrinks worth 50 pesos (regular!) wherein on us it is just Php 25.

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  5. May I ask you how you like living in Korea and being married to a Korean? Since I got introduced to Kdramas, my interest in Korea as a country and love for its people let alone the cute Korean actors get to be intense each time I watch a good Kdramas. I wanted so much to travel to Korea one day & it will be interesting to get a first hand info from you! Thanks!

    1. kdrama is just drama..you sure you love its people? most of them look down on Filipinos (not all)..

  6. You know,honestly, i’m SO angry with an old korean guy who lives in our country, Philippines. Just wanna share about this guy, We saw him at the Victory Mall(monumento)–there’s a lot of korean there– you know what he did? Walang pinagkatandaan! He almost eat a young boy with his expression! He shouted on him without even thinking that the kid also has a feeling. .what an undescent action. You know why that old korean guy was very angry? it is because, , ,the little boy accidentally collided into that very arrogant guy!what? come on! a very childish reason!
    Warning to koreans: Don’t you ever take us for granted… hey, is it because of the reason that you have businesses here in our country so you have the courage to treat us that way? Please, don’t bring your culture here, we know there’s a lot of mafias in your country, and honestly, i am angry when those mafia hurt you or other koreans, but if i see same action like what a mafia’s doin’do you think, you’re worthy to gain respect?
    Hey DANIEL!, i think x you’re out of your mind right now, i have red all your comments, you are contradicting your own comments! first, you said you wish to have a korean-filipino friendship, but most of them are opposing your own message..Boy, some of your message are really hard to understand,make it clear, concise and easy to understand, and also, check the spelling…
    well at least in our country, we don’t look down on our people when they are poor, let’s say in terms of relationship or getting married, when we are belong to poor level, we don’t look down on poor people because we are poor also, we accept them, but in your country, even if a person belong to poor status, they are so ambitious, they don’t want to marry poor people because money is what’s important to them. see the difference? You followed your parents not because you want to obey them but because you don’t want to be beaten. . .
    DANIEL (KOREAN) also said that only filipino-chinese are wiser and smart. Hey dude! check your spelling! it is Filipino not PHILIPINO and it should be Chinese and not CHINESS..Halir! hehehe Haler pala..
    “with out a korean all 6 star hotal will close ,and all school will shut down..cebu servived bc of touriest,and who its number touriest???its korean! not american not japanse or uk..”
    Dude! Koreans migrated here for their retirement, and you said about the school, dude, koreans went here to study ENGLISH and we’re not forcing them to go here… it’s to expensive in your country to study english, only rich people can afford, but here, even poor people can study freely the english language… so don’t tell us that this country will SINK if you will not be part of our EXISTENCE! we’re living and surviving not because of your money! but because of the love that we can get from our family because filipino love their family…
    “about daniel smith who rape philipina …he go home free..bc he pay there family 1m peso!lol. thats what u call fuck up! not korean”
    Study the case before you speak mr. korean,,, each word can reflect in your country’s image,,,Being raped is not a good one, and laughing with that is not funny! What if your friend or your mother or your future daughter was reped, and somebody laught at her, will you also do the same thing? or you will punch the face of that person?
    “chinesss people treat philipino like yaya all the time
    thats y philipino chiness dont get married to philipino people…they allway married there kind…but korean marry philipino”
    —-> SO? I can still remember CHIP TSAO,,,do you know him? maybe yes, or maybe he is your idol because you have the same ATTITUDE..—-
    PLEASE don’t you ever go here,,you’re not welcome.
    BEware of them filipino…

    1. @ Pilipino Ako
      Just dont mind Daniel, i dont think its worth arguing with him. Im quite skeptical if he is really Korean anyway (either he is a Chinese or a semi literate alien from Mars). I’ll quote Gustave Flaubert when he said ““By dint of railing at idiots, one runs the risk of becoming idiotic oneself”
      On a positive note, lets welcome him (instead of dissuading him to come over) to visit the Philippines (again?), then prove to him that he is wrong.

    2. Out of 100% there’s gonna be 1-5% failure, nothing or no human being is perfect. You’ve obviously been talking to one of failure product of “human being”(they exist everywhere not just Korea) Besides if Koreans didn’t like Phillipines, why would there be staggering numbers of Koreans in your country? Trust me Koreans are very blunt, they wouldn’t send their kids to study there if they didn’t like it

  7. whoa! hold it right there buddy! i can understand where this anger (?) is coming from as i am prejudiced myself to the point of biased. (different race)
    i’ve just learned this one recently… so recent in fact it shook m to the core.
    each country has their own share of bad apples. not all Koreans are jack asses. Not all of them thinks like that. you’ve encountered a rotten egg. i’m sure there’d be some fresher varieties hiding somewhere.
    .-= reijene´s last blog ..Progressing Prejudice =-.

    1. you’re right, just ignore him.
      anyways, I have korean classmates in my college days, and I noticed that they were too quiet. They only talks when they are with their fellow country.:)

  8. TO:arvingsign
    U know dude, i was just got mad that moment when i’ve seen his comments to filipino. .I do love this country and it’s people, i’m so proud to be a filipino. that’s why hearing this kind of comment is really irritating me especially the case of nicole, when she got raped, it’s not a good experience to be raped and Daniel should not take that as a joke because it’s not funny at all. but you know dude, korea will hire english teachers from our country because of their major problem when it comes to english language..
    anyways, i’l just focus on loving this country and giving my best for it,, instead of thinking about daniel’s comment.

  9. to all korean you are all sucks go home!!!!!!…we dont need you here and we dont need your money !!!!!!!you all smell PUTOK hahahaha …………..so leave now!!!!!you did not pay tax here so i will report you all to b.i.r for you to band in our country….and for you all of you go to jail….

    1. of course. we usually took a bath 2-3 times a days. i dunno with others:)
      but I assured you that were taking a bath a day:))

  10. uhmm,,not all koreans are bad. there are also some who are good, nice and friendly. Do you think all Filipino family accept a poor guy? And don’t say that you HATE KOREANS because they might hate US too. Maybe for you it is nonsense if you hate them but think of it. Maybe that guy you are saying is just new in our country and doesn’t know our culture. Haiz, I just don’t know what to say. Wait last question, how did you know that the man is korean? Do he spoke in his language?? haha..just kidding..
    I agree with what Reijene said.
    “dada.. lemme ask you something?
    do all filipinos smell good?
    are all filipinos good people when they go out of the country?
    are all filipinos paying taxes?
    i’m in korea and i don’t pay taxes.”

  11. ahmppppp i think some korean are good but u can count it on ur fingers hahahahaha most of them are bad realize what the hell they doing here in philippines most of them are boys but u know! beac. of money they are still having some monkey fucking business here

  12. hi! im new here and i found it interesting reading the blogs and comments bout korea.. try to watch the links above but its not there, does anyone knows where i can watch th “koreans in the philippines”? thanks and good luck to all

  13. Philippines lost out to Korea economically simply because President Park in the 70’s, although authoritarian, did not pratice corruption same as Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore so unlike the Marcos regime. Korean people transformed their country to an economic powerhouse in just 3 decades while Filipinos are still struggling and only kept standing by exporting their best and experienced people to work in other countries.

  14. i had two korean tutees, and they were cute! 🙂
    but i agree, they’re invading this country like rats do in a barn. (no pun intended). i’m in cebu and gahd, they’re all over the place. even to those secret, far-from-the-center hideouts we used to hangout and chill, they’re there!
    .-= fetus´s last blog ..Snorkeling at Hilutungan, Cebu Island Hopping! =-.

  15. Folks! there is nothing wrong being a Nanny it is a job. We cannot compare Phils. to Korea, Japan, China or other country in Asia. The history of the Philippines compare to other asian countries is very different. Your land was robbed by Americans, Spaniards and others. Filipinos are very smart, very talented people. I think the catholicism has to go sending all the money to Vatican to keep their jobs. Religion is business as usual. Spaniards introduce catholicism in the Phils. but your govt. send money to Italy. Mexico is another example govt is also corrupt and was colonized by Spain. I can go on and on. Main point is…be proud of who you are. Thanks!

  16. Well, got a chance to have number of Korean friends here in the Philippines.Generally speaking they are dominant and bossy , if your the submissive type of person. Therefore dont let them manipulate you. Its true that in some way they’re a big help to our tourism industry likewise with our economy. However, they shouldnt treat us Filipinos as some kind of “utusan”,its just we are very hospitable enough to all foreigners who are visiting in our country.
    In my own observation its the cultural differences that sometimes lead to misundertandings between parties.For instance,I dine out with Korean friends before in a korean resto and Im the only Filipino in the table.When dinner is through and they pay the bills. I was really mad and about to walk out when out of the blue the Korean guy handed me 100 peso for taxi fare. They were surprised and puzzled of my reactions. I explained to them how i felt of their gestures. But listening to their side,according to them its their culture. Well, the problem is they are here in our country.
    When i visited Korea way back in 2008..I felt helpless for the first time coz almost of the population doesn’t know how to speak English. My gosh,there was a time that when I asked someone if she can speak English.she gave me that “tiger look” and walked away. Of course,there are Korean also who are willing to help especially when i got lost during subway ride(they are the one who can speak english). I can truly say that not all Koreans are bad..I met a lot of good Koreans during my stay in Daejeon,I live with my Korean friend parents and they treat me well..as if Im their own daughter. Likewise with the students of Han Nam University ,they were nice and kind.:)
    Well, I just love to watch Korean drama and thats why i wanna go back there again,before its winter season now im looking forward for the autumn season.Hopefully I can get a visa for the second time. Its a very nice place for vacation.

  17. Koreans should be sent back to Korea. I don’t believe them and I am suspicious of their presence here. They have done crimes against Filipino women impregnating them and involved in prostitution and reproducing their races.

  18. there are a lot of korean indeed here in the Philippines, thats why korean markets is a big potential, I see a lot of korean resto around the metro, actually one of my favorite is yoogane locatd in il terrazzo

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