Gadget for seniors

We had a snowfall on Tuesday morning and by the time I sent my son to day care, the road was slippery. I was very careful walking down the 200-step stairs at the back of our apartment complex from my son’s day care center as I had slipped on ice before. I thought that if I did slipped, it might take me a while to get help if it was serious.
I was then reminded of my sister’s grandmother-in-law. My sister said that she lives by herself at an apartment and one time, she slipped on her bathroom floor and couldn’t get up. She had been lying on the floor for 8 hours before she got help when a neighbor knocked at her door and she couldn’t answer. She wouldn’t have suffered that long if she had a Medical Alarm with her.
One of the best gadgets that senior citizens can have is this product. There are two kinds of Medical Alarm available in the market. One is the FALL ALERT that alerts emergency medical personnel in the event a fall. The other one is a GPS Tracking Bracelet that has a two-way speakerphone.
I think the Medical Alarm is good not only for seniors to get help when they need it. It’s also great for their children’s peace of mind. A great gift for both the giver and the receiver this holiday season, isnt’ it?