Kim Myung Min and my Saturday!

Kim Myung Min made my Saturday (and my husband’s) extra special. I have posted before that my husband and I have been fans of this extra talented actor since we saw him in the Korean epic drama “Admiral Yi Sun Shin.” We also loved him on “Beethoven Virus”, which was a surprise hit for MBC. When we saw his new CF (commercial film) last week, we laughed at how well he delivered his lines.
Anyway, my husband just wanted to skate at Seoul Plaza last Saturday. We arrived there at 2PM and I lined at to get a ticket while my husband bought donuts. We ate the donuts at Deoksugung, which is one of the palaces in Seoul. Since it was cold and the ticket I got was for the 5:30 PM round, we decided to walk to Kyobo Mungo (bookstore) at Gwanghwamun.
At the main entrance of Kyobo Mungo was a pretty big crowd and the curious us stopped and saw Kim Myung Min’s banner near the entrance. Kim Myung Min was signing autographs for the 4-CD album “Kim Myung Min’s Classic Maestro” that is produced by EMI Records. The album signing began at 3PM while we got there at around 4 o’clock. I joined the crowd outside taking pictures while my boys went inside the bookstore. My husband was already happy that he caught a glimpsed of his favorite actor. Yikes! We really acted like fans!
Here’s a video of last Saturday’s sighting.
I also saw Choi Min Sik (of “Failan” and “Old Boy”) outside the same bookstore three years ago.


  1. he is also one of my favorites, the first time i saw him act was in “Return”, since then, i watched out for his movies. and he is also good in doing comedic roles, like that of in “Bad family.” and yes, it feels good to be a “fan”, right? hugs

  2. hello there! I’m Pinay too and a fan of Kim Myung Min. My friend and I really liked him when we saw him in Beethoven’s Virus and so she began to watch his other dramas as well. I’ve been busy with work and school that’s why I haven’t started watching his dramas but I’ll do that once vacation starts. Bad Family is currently showing in GMA 7. =D He’s really a very versatile actor don’t you think?

  3. wow! I love Kim Myung Min. Watched him first in BV and later became a fan! Watched him in IYSS, WT and BF!Btw, Bad FAmily is currently airing here in the Philippines. 🙂

  4. How I wish I could meet him someday & tell him what a fine actor he is. Must seen drama & made me want to be there in Korea again…Opps… I’ve just been in Korea last May..Can’t afford to go there again..I do hope his management could arrange for a tour in Malaysia or Singapore. I’m sure I’ll be ther with my KMM’s fan club..Yayyy!!!

  5. wow! you’re so lucky! wish i could meet him too! i first saw him in Bad Family and since then i’ve been looking out for his other movies/dramas..too bad i don’t know where to find his other shows..I’m currently watching his movie Closer To You.. he’s really good; he could act his character well.. wish he’d go here in the Philippines!
    can i ask around how much is a round trip for Korea from Philippines..?

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