Korean Convicted of Raping Filipino Wife

A Korean man had been convicted of raping his Filipina wife, according to a report from the Korea Times.

Korean Convicted of Raping Filipino Wife
“The defendant should have treated his wife with affection, because she has difficulties in speaking Korean and feels lonely in this remote foreign country. His behavior cannot be acceptable as he threatened his wife with a gas gun and knife to have sex against her will,” the Busan court was quoted as saying in its verdict.
The man was also accused of forcing his 25-year-old wife to have sex even during her menstrual period. He married his Philippine wife in 2006 through an international marriage broker in Korea and was indicted last year on charges of rape.

It’s the first time that a Korean court acknowledged marital rape. However, the court had suspended the sentence while the convict is appealing his case.
My husband told me about this case over dinner last Friday night while I was ranting on the injustice that the two Indian nationals of the ship Hebei Spirit suffered from Korean courts. We also talked about the stupidity of one Korean judge who also suspended a sentence on two men who raped their young kin while sending the child back to live with her rapists.


  1. I saw this on the news a couple of nights ago.. The husband even accused her of being a bad wife (the nerve!). Hate those marriage brokers.. May they rot in hell together with the rapist husband.

  2. just recently, i have seen something similar to this. it was on Oprah, the lady said she was raped by her husband, but no one believed her because they are a married couple and she also claims that he has threatened her at gunpoint. but still, if the act is against the will of the woman, it should be considered rape, right?
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  3. a big percentage of these inter racial marriages is brought about by poverty. Its not even based on love, hence the refusal to engage in any intimate act common to husband and wife. Most of these women married to koreans are high school graduates, grew up in the provinces and very young during the time of their marriage. Its the same reason why mababa tingin ng mga koreans sa pinoys or to any south east asian

  4. “It’s great that the Korean court recognized the case and it’s greater that the Korean man already died.”
    i dont agree with this. sympathize with the girl, yes, but saying that its great the korean man already died is wrong. I dont see no justification in that whatsoever. No matter who this person is, its a human. Besides, nobody here really knows whats the real story behind.

  5. I think they’re both victims of their actions. We don’t know the real story behind this but I think married people are bound by certain obligations. I sometimes receive email from women who wanted to marry Korean men so they could come here (in short, for convenience). I tell them that life in Korea is not convenient and marriage isn’t a game. People should read their marriage contracts carefully before signing it.
    Also (a little off-the-topic), while there are Korean men who abuse their Filipino wives, there are also Pinays here who aren’t exactly faithful to their husbands and who use the excuse that they only got married through an agency for their “extra marital activities”.

    1. i totally agree with you ms. betchay… if they would not love the guy, at least give the man the respect… if the guy dont respect the woman there are agencies and people who are ready to give all the help they want…
      for the man in this story, i guess he may have been bothered by the wrong actions he has done… i just hope and pray no such bad actions be committed again…

  6. yup…two sides of a coin.
    i heard that the man committed suicide coz he said that the conviction was quite ‘unfair’. and that he was the actual victim of it all.
    the day before he was found dead, he called a journalist to tell his side of the story. 4 months after their marriage his wife left him. A year and a half later, he meets her again, caught by the immigrations and he had to pay the 1 million fine to free her.
    he said his wife promised to be ‘good’ this time so he took her in again, just to have the same situation they had before. his wife wouldnt take care of the household chores, and would continually ask for money and the day the rape happened, they were having a fight coz his wife kept on asking him for money and kept on saying she wants to work to earn money of her own.
    the husband, frustrated with the situation and overpowered by emotions, lost it. but he swore it was all an accident.
    am not saying what the husband did was justifiable, nor can i judge the wife for whatever it is she did that we don’t really know.
    …. only two people knows the real score… and one is now dead.
    we can just hope that he rests in peace and that she is now at peace.
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    1. ^^ my husband told me about her leaving her residence… apparently, when an alien moves out from his registered residence without informing the immigration illegitimizes his stay in korea…

  7. Regarding the unfair judgment on the side of that man, The whole thing sounds like a political sham and they just found a scapegoat to sacrifice, really something more so to please the so called righteous international community bigots or pressuring fanatic feminist justice movements, and help them lose some of the political pressure a diversion if you will ,from other matters.
    Why cry foul?! especially on your husband for rape charges?
    It sounds so guilty on the part of the woman, seems she is marrying for convenience (material wealth/support, other citizenship, etc-etc.), then looking for a way to lie as the poor defenseless lady against the ravishing raping brute known as her husband, who was supposedly the one who rescued her from her impoverished country. To help make lawyers twist the laws and add to their coffers, and make politicians the hero of the new feminists heroes of the day. While the media is a having a feast on ratings.
    If the wife does not satisfy her husband’s sexual desires, who then should? a concubine? a prostitute? bullshit watch how women will cry foul and complain about that they would even sue you out off your own house and home, If it’s a cultural problem then hey that’s even worst she married someone that she can’t understand and be ready to copulate with, and that’s above all the material things you can get from him.
    Now if it was a situation where the husband wanted to beat the living crap out of his (if true though) innocent wife for his own pleasure that’s a different story but just saying a wife was raped by husband?!
    These women full of bullshit, that’s why more and more men/their husbands go out and play with other women whether for monetary pay or not. And women complain why men do these things?!
    I say when they pull this kind of crap deport them back to where they belong! Don’t fall for their bullshit dramas!

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