Goo Joon Pyo's first kiss

[singlepic=897,250,250,right]I was so busy the previous month that I barely had time to check my emails, read comments and post on my own blog. I have kept myself updated with news through my students and a quick glance on Daum’s search trends.
This morning, one of the hottest issues is Gu Jun Pyo’s first kiss on the Korean drama “Kkot Boda Namja” or “Boys Over Flowers.” It’s no surprise that this drama is so popular. Four of my middle school students have even formed a group at school calling themselves “F-4 Girls.” Their favorite F-4? Kim Bum.
Anyway, back to Gu Jun Pyo’s first kiss with Geum Jandi. Both episodes this week will show scenes of their kiss. Fans should expect a short kiss between the two on tonight’s episode while a more passionate kiss will air tomorrow. (Will the kiss proceed to Vegas vacations, hmm?)
I haven’t really followed the drama. Like I said before, I prefer to wait till a series is over since I don’t like waiting for episodes. I’d rather do a marathon when I have the time.
I love the Japanese dorama “Hana Yori Dango” but I like that I’d be able to identify more with the Korean version since I’m more familiar with the culture. Hmm, I can’t wait for the series to end. 😀


  1. hmm… look at the first pic– it looks like he’s going to eat her face. LOL I guess that’s what you mean by a passionate kiss eheheh

  2. ask ko lang po,,, bkit ang hs student sa korea parang mga 20
    + years old na…. s mga korean movies kasi parang ganun ang mga age spa nila

    1. @zlin >> sa korean movies lang naman… mga high school students dito pare-pareho halos itsura… ang buhok nila parang bunot… LOL

  3. They’re not bagay! the girl is so ugly.. yung bestfriend nya ang Pretty! go Ga eul! ang cute mo with Yi jung!

  4. i already watch the whole movie!!1
    god its so dumb nice, !!!u wont regret it after watching

  5. I have watched the entire series… I was a little disappointed sa ending.. kulang sa romance haha! Well ganun tlaga siguro since Jan di is always “pakipot” and doesnt show her affection throughout the entire series… all in all, “I say It could have been better.”

  6. napoanood ko na lhat ng episode pero ung pang 26 prang putol
    cguro may boys over flower 2! hehehe… sana.
    punta lng kau s website nato and search boys before flowers okay…

  7. grabe ganda nga nun eh napanood ko na lahat ng episode siguro nga meron ung boys over flowers 2 kasi ung metoer garden may 2 ung hana yori dango naman may 2nand 3. . .

  8. hhhaayy, ms betchay, thanks sa blog mo.. laking help.. 🙂 if il visit there, pano kita makokontak? hehehe.. regarding jun pyu, naku im so addicted to him, AS IN!! cant sleep well na nga eh and cant complete my date without watching BOF khit 1 episode lng or basta makita ko si JUN PYU, hehehe.. addict diba? natapos ko na din xa, like you po, mas ok pag marathon, kainis pg bitin eh, hehe.. 🙂

  9. hayyy….napanuod ko na buong episode tlgang nkkarelate…minsan i found myself lumuluha na din me…ayyyy….knkilig me kay jun pyo…crush ko tlga sya. ms mganda 2 kesa sa orig meteor gardin.

  10. cute si koo hye sun pero parang sya ung pinaka-OA magpatawa sa lahat. magaling naman siya magdrama ‘^^
    ang cute ni min ho !!!team kim bum ako dati pero… parang maka-min ho na ko ngaun!!! hehe

  11. galing ninyo umarte… cute lang kau..hmm pero mas cute kami.. wanna meet us..???

  12. hay!!!! So Gwapo talaga ni Go Jun Pyo!!!! Super Duper Hulog ng langit ang kanyang face para saming mga kababaihan. Hay! Baka himatayin ako pagnakita ko sya ng personal. A gwapo gwapo gwapo nya talaga!!!Promise…

  13. just finished watching it. i’ve watched all the hanayori dango manga adaptations and i could say this is the most perfect to date. lee min hot! hahaha… and i could say, this k-drama really touched me! it made me cry and felt in-love(more than i felt watching princess hours).
    i love jandi. she’s really cute and fragile.

  14. cute cute ni min ho!!!!ahhhh!!!!!look alike mo talaga si jerry and dong wook,pero mas cute ka sa kanila!!!!!

  15. ..dANDA danDa tLAga nG BOF..!!!haha!!
    angwApU ni Goo jUn pYu..pRanG gUs2 cOna tLaGa xiA ankEnin!!

  16. hi poh!!! ang cute cute ni jun pyo kung ako kay jan di si jun pyo na lang ang pipiliin koh!!! ang swerte talaga ni jan di sana ako na lang yun……

  17. gu jun pyo …..ang cute, pogi, smart,and rich mo peo ha as in bagay keo ni jan di so since ala k nmn girlfriend edi si ko hye sun n lng db …FEVER TLGA BOYS OVER FLOWERS…aztig sna mraming seasons 2 come ang boys over flowers….

  18. sobtang kinikilig ako kay go jun pyo sobrang cute nya i like him..sana pumunta xa d2 sa pinas..ang ganda ng story ng boys over flower grbe napupuyat ako kknood n2
    i love you go jun pyo and also jandi fight fight fight

  19. hoy danielle !!anong pangit???pangit si jan di???
    wehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!aang kapal mo naman????bakit maganda ka ba???


  21. Hi, Lee Min Ho..You’re so handsome…My daughter love’s you so much, she’s just 9 years old..Hope you could do more drama/comedy like BOYS over FLOWER….Stay cool and look good alwayz………………..

  22. Lee Min Ho…OOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZzz i have so many words to say but hard to express..hmmm maybe i am super madly in love wd u so much becozf your role in Boys over Flower…I keep on watching again and again all the episodes…and all your pics in the itnernet we’re all sexy and admirable.Take care and have a happy and healthy life always………1 f your billion avid fan…ME 🙂

  23. …hmmmmmm!!!!!!1
    cute mo…super!!!!
    gu jun pyo! i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ooiii……… jan di!! hehehehehehehehe

  24. waaaahh!! go joon pyo! inlove na talaga ako sau! u’re so cute! as in!! i wish i could see you pagpunta ko sa korea!
    God Bless.. mwahh! 🙂

  25. go joon pyo! u’re so cute! as in!! inlove na talaga ako sau! i wish i could see you pagpunta ko sa korea!
    God Bless.. mwahh! 🙂

  26. i hope amg tour nmn ang BOF cast like meteor garden cast but they are more cute and handsome than the original, gum jandi shes really pretty OMG korean actress are really pretty!! sana mgkaroon tlga ng tour im looking 4ward to it

  27. uO nga bgay na bagy cLa..
    sna pmunta ang f4 ng boys over flowers d2 za pinas..
    ^^ hay hay nka2kilig pag pumunta cLa d2….
    magkakaron ng world war III kpag dumating cLa d2 za pinas…

  28. hi everyone
    I hope pumunta sila sa philippines, ngaun lang ako sobrang na amaze sa korean, i like go jun pyo, i hope he is true. I hope to see lee min in person and check out what will i feel.

  29. hi
    cn you be my friend
    bye the way this s my nom
    er 09359606590 just txs me f u want 2 be to your friend

  30. Hi everybody!!!!!!some of you says ” goo jun pyo, your so cute….”i know that goo jun pyo, knows he is cute and handsome……never mind:heheh.:)….i have a message for Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Gan Di….hhmmmmmmmm….. i am (nervous)never mind 4 that…… I just wanna say 4… them that just take care of yourself and hope you two would be safe and stay away from dangers(charing…)i wish i see you two in personal…… go geum gan di go go go …………go goo jun pyo just take care of her…………. bye bye you>>> take care and remember me plzzz reply my message


    1. Belated Happy birthday Lee Min Ho this June 22…I wan’t to become an artist in korea,because this is my dream to become an artist I hope that it will come true…I’m from bohol.

  32. ganda ng movie nyo.. i really love it. nakakakilig, nakakatuwa at the same time nakakaiyak.. its very worth it!!!.. i hope that both jan di and jun pyo will be having another movie soon..

  33. to my gu jun pyo,
    i wish you are always happy and safe.take care always,luv u and i miss u. hope u eel that too. i’ll be back to korea. i promise

  34. hi,,,, can you be my husband,,jejejejeje…
    love you sooo much, plzzzz. take care of yourself..ALWYS, GOD BLESSSSS……

  35. hi jun pyo i like uu know that ammm i like u to come here on the philippines am i watch ur movie and i like it very much i hope u & ur group will come here i love u and boys over flowers group 0r F4 my name is xena sandra m de la cruz

  36. ..Gosh!!! i just love you soOoo much.. i really hope that kayo ni jan di. bagay na bagay talaga kayo…Super. as in. habang paulit-ulit kong pinapanood yung dvd, super kilig talaga…..sumisigaw na nga ako…sana talaga, kayo sa real life. talagang matutuwa ako ng sobra-sobra….hehehehehe..
    Comgrats dahil talagang kinababliwan ang koreanovela nyo.
    …just love yah!!!

  37. hi.. gu jun pyo (lee min ho), mhal na tlaga kita super npakagwapo mo as in,, gusto q magpunta ng korea(seoul) para mkita kita in person,, hais i love u tlga..

  38. best wishes 4 you lee min ho,
    wish you a dream come true and be happy always
    and gem jan di you are so cute,
    saranghayo both of you
    and i waiting 4 new drama
    thanks you so much.

  39. lee min ho akaaka oppa!and 2 ss501 the group of ge hoo in real life kim hyun joong.i luv u guys.keep up the good work.hope 2 c u in person.


  41. ,,gu jun pyo,,i want you to have a concert here in the philippinea,..because my lola have rush in you,,..joke,,..i wish that you will be read my letter to you,,..take care alays,,..i love you gu jun pyooooooooo,,…

  42. Hi Goo jun Pyo!Im one of your bigest fan…im always watching your drama series”boys over flowers”…..and your so hamd some…..I love you so much!hope that you will come here in the philippines together with kim bum..please goo jun pyo!!!always take care and god will guide you always….please reply my messege please……and i wanna say …………………………………………….. I LOVE YOU KIM BUM!!!!!!!MUWAAAH..MUWAAAAAH…

  43. so your girlfriend is geum jan di your so yuck jan di is so wapakelz and ugly did you know that at kung ako ikaw matagal ko na syang hiniwalayan sa panget nya at sa landi

  44. hi! when i see you in the movie “Kkot Boda Namja”.
    I am so crazy to you because of your image in the movie “Kkot Boda Namja”
    I was so terrible in your movie because of the your best friends.Like
    Kim Bum,Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Joon.
    Did you have a facebook or yahoo messenger?
    if you have facebook or yahoo messenger just leave a comment or leave a message.
    NOW!!! and a picture with Goo Hyu Seun,Kim Bum,Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Joon. . . . . . ADD me!!! please and add.!!! and add my friend…. .. . .. .. . PLEASE ADD AS NOW!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  45. hi! when i see you in the movie “Kkot Boda Namja”.
    I am so crazy to you because of your image in the movie “Kkot Boda Namja”
    I was so terrible in your movie because of your best friends.Like
    Kim Bum,Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Joon.
    Did you have a facebook or yahoo messenger?
    if you have facebook or yahoo messenger just leave a comment or leave a message.
    NOW!!! and a picture with Goo Hyu Seun,Kim Bum,Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Joon. . . . . . ADD me!!! please!!! and add my friend…. .. . .. .. . PLEASE ADD AS NOW!!! THANK YOU!!!! my email is (!!!)

  46. …hanyeong haseyo!!!hi i wish that you could visit philippines,,,because were waiting for you to come and see your fans here…anyways we love you and contnue inspiring us,,,youve been so much a hit here the boys over flowers made the filipinos love it so fact its still airing one more time…yure so graet i will be your forever one fan..i wish i could see you in person…how i wish all of you culd come…

  47. …uber………………..hanyeong haseyo….♥♥♥…i cant sleep all night because of the addiction it gave me..,korea ill be there soon,,, jun pyo(lee min ho)..yuo inspire me so much…youve been a hit…shocks!!!i mean BOF has been my medicine,,,very bad medicine causing too much addiction…and now i cant take it away…thanks for the smiles it made me smile at my darkest moments…FEVER……

  48. naka2 innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    bagay talaga cla sna may s 2
    galing din ng author
    cno nga po pla ang author?????????????

  49. hay lee min even though i am tibetan i know you not very well but bit way you did and the way you like. We are same i like to watch star..You let me to think brighter in my future after i watching your movie. I really appriciate your behavior. I like boy those who love only one girl that can’t change like you i really love you!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Min Hoo q leh tanya gx mang_a u first kisS ma gEum jaN Di ya ???????????
    klw mang bnr berarti jAn dI beruntung bGt dUnk dpt first kiSs.
    oh ya gmn kbr_a kIm jUn, kIm bUm,kIm hYun jOoNg,mua_a baik2 ja kan?????
    oh ya da 1 lg tlg dUnk puterin wkt pernikahan jan di dan jun pyo leh kan???
    klw leh secepat_a ya

  51. hi gujun pyo
    sarangye and chuwahey. i really like you and your group f4. i han\ve watch dis film 4 time.

  52. i really lika your smile,face heigth ,body etcccccccc
    i wish i could see you with my own eyes. i hope you will be always getting nice role in in nice film. bye i love yoyu
    i even like your gang f4

  53. I am a big fan of Gu jun pyo and i loved him in BOF!!! If you ever come to Nepal there is a huge fan following!!!!!

  54. I am a very big , big fan of Gu jun pyo and i love him in BOF!!!! He is very handsome and cute. if you have a facebook, lee min hoo or gu jun pyo in BOF add me….. this is my email :…… i love you gu jun pyo

  55. aanyonghaseyo gu jun pyo(lee min ho) i m sakuntala frm nepal.i m huge fan of urs since i saw u in really kills me if i c ur smile.its awesome.chuwaye.can i call u “hyung” coz i just 16 n u r bigger than me.if u can then plz add me in my yahoo id. its
    hope hyung will add me
    sarangheyo as a sister 2 hyung

  56. ……….GU JUN PYOOOOOOO…..ang taray ng HAIRSTYLEmo…….taray ng ILONG mo……ang LIPS mo gusto kong HALIKAN kung pwede PATIKIM….PWEDE BA HA PWEDE BA……?143

  57. first of all i likr your everything i am fan of your nice couple you n jan di keep smile always

  58. wow,your first kiss is wonderful as long as I am………..I watch your telenovela and at seems a fantastic and glamorous like you……..

  59. gud day ! i really like you lee min ho..
    i like your smile, hairstyle, and your face..
    your very charming haha..
    hope to see you soon.. and kim bum i really like him too
    i love you.. mwaapz

  60. lee min ho m dyin for u come sikkim once..ill nvr let u go frm hr..really u stole m soul..m every agonies had cm da faith if ua lop..
    oppa..sarangey..m 17…muahhhhhh….diss m first kiz.

  61. bay m sis is too fan of ua..really v fyt for u so mch…i had nvr thod dat ull b so precious for me..
    if ull come hr den we,ll eat noodles n egg roll a lot…
    missin u….

  62. He’s the hottest actor who I have ever seen. Keep Moving, Min Ho. You can be famous all over the world and try to spread your action throughout the world.
    <3 Lee Min Ho and Geum Jundi

  63. 서울시 jun 이영표는 또한 필리핀에서 가겠어요 ..
    당신을 사랑

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