Samsung Ultra Touch

Hottest searched term in Daum today is the Samsung “Ultra Touch” phone that will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Spain next week. What’s so ultra about this phone? Obviously it has a touch screen interface and like Apple’s iPhone, widgets can be downloaded wirelessly. It also boasts of an 8-megapixel camera and a 2.8″ screen.
I’m not so crazy about new phones. I’m just amused that others are. These new phones look all the same to me. I wonder how much they’re going to sell the new phone. Samsung’s phones here costs as much as their 32″ LCD TV.


  1. I’m not truly a phone collector [since I don’t have the money to be one] but I’m one of those people who are obsessed with new phones, tech, and all that shiz: a techie for short.XD Yes, we know that a phone which can call and send sms is practically the same as any of the latest phones out there. But we also know that we can do more than that. Phones (and other gadgets) just keep on evolving (every month or so).. and it’s just amazing to watch their transformation.>__> haha.

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