The child Santino

[singlepic=903,250,250,left]I’ve posted before that we don’t have TFC nor PinoyTV here in Korea. For us expats here in Korea, “youtube” and “youtube-wannabes” are heaven sent. Of course, thanks are also in order for both the kapuso and kapamilya uploaders who tirelessly record and upload the videos of their favorite shows online.
I usually just watch news and current affairs shows online. And of course showbiz news, since they are still news. Anyway, I’m now hooked on two teleseryes by ABS-CBN. I just can’t help following the dramas “May Bukas Pa” and “Tayong Dalawa.” I used to watch “I Love Betty La Fea” but after its second month broadcast, there were just too many subplots and it wasn’t that fun anymore. “Patricia” (played by Wendy Valdez) also had less exposure from that time on and I really enjoyed watching her play a dumb betchay.
“Tayong Dalawa” is a story of two mothers and of two brothers. I was a bit skeptical at first since it starred Jake Cuenca, whom I didn’t like. The story is not that original but the actors in the show are great. Agot Isidro and Helen Gamboa who play mother-and-daughter in the drama are unexpectedly convincing as villains. I’ve gotten used to watching them as the “api” but now they’re the ones “nang-aapi.” I also thought that the story would concentrate on the loveteam of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. So far, they’re not the focus of the story but I know they will soon. I like Cherrie Pie Picache in her role as Gerald’s mom. She, Alessandra de Rosi and Gina Pareno are delightful to watch. They’re simply great actresses!
“May Bukas Pa” premiered last week and so far, so good. It’s my current favorite drama. It stars a seven year old child actor named Zaijan Jaramilla. The drama is adapted from the Spanish movie “Marcelino pan y vino”. Like the other drama, this boasts of a talented list of actors – Dina Bonnevie, Albert Martinez, Tonton Gutierrez, Jaime Fabregas, Lito Pimentel and so on. The theme of this show is religion but it’s not very preachy. This is one show that I know a lot of Filipinos could identify themselves with.
I remember laughing at the first episode when Santino was praying for the priests and brothers in the monastery. Whereas, I cried a drum of tears on the third episode. If my husband saw me, he would’ve laughed since I always tease him whenever I see him teary-eyed from watching “Dancer in the Dark” and “Cinema Paradiso.”
“May Bukas Pa” is a reminder for people who are losing hope. It’s also a reminder for people who’ve been blessed to keep their feet on the ground. From TV Patrol last night, it was reported that this show is extended for five months more. I just hope that the creators of this inspirational teleserye would stay true to the original ending of the story. I’m just not sure if Pinoys can take it. (Alternate ending na lang sa iba?)
Bilangin natin kung ano ang meron tayo, wag kayong wala. Count your blessings, not your wishlist 😀


  1. “May Bukas Pa” reminds me of my fave anime “Marcelino pan y vino.” It’s so cute and funny. I love the innocent remarks of that little boy.
    edens last blog post..Chocolate

  2. most commendable tv series ang may bukas pa. It has captured practically people from all walks of life, especially the children… God’s hands are surely here… touching peoples lives… giving them hope.

  3. Hi Betchay!
    I’m an avid follower of your blog. I’ve sent you few emails before. I’m writing this one to recommend a new Filipino restaurant in Haebongchun near Itaewon. It just opened 2 months ago. I went to eat there with my husband tonight and their food is worth recommending. I know that there not many good filipino restaurants here in Korea. The ones I have tried before were in Hyewha which are sadly not very hygienic. This restaurant I’m talking about is called “Kusina”. They serve almost all famous filipino cuisine like lechon kawali, adobo, pansit, bistek, lumpia, etc…. 😉 The cost is reasonable. Mostly 6,900 won. I don’t know the owner and I just think that if you write something about this it’ll be a great service to our fellow kababayans here in Korea.

    1. Hi Angelie! Thanks for telling us about it. I’ll try to go there on Monday. I wanna try the food myself ;p

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