Samsung Heir Lee Jae Yong in a Divorce Suit

[singlepic=905,left]I was a bit surprised by the news last night about a divorce suit filed against Lee Jae Yong by his wife Im Se Ryung. Who is Lee Jae Yong? He is the only son of Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee. Im Se Ryung is the eldest daughter of the Daesang Group’s owner.
Lee Jae Yong’s wealth is estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars. His wife, who filed for the divorce on February 11th, is asking for a 1 billion won alimony, a split of their divorce property worth 500 billion won and custody of their two children. There is still no news of the reason for the divorce suit. And that’s what most are interested with, isn’t it?
[singlepic=906,right]Samsung is a well-known brand name worldwide. Daesang Group is famous for their ChungJungWon brand of food products. (My son likes their CF with Jung Woo Sung). It has been said that theirs is a “corporate marriage”. I saw a current affairs show almost a month ago highlighting these corporate marriages. Families of big companies marrying into families of media groups.
The Samsung family is proof that the rich are not immune to troubles. Its patriarch Lee Kun Hee had been battling cancer (is this true or he’s really just sick?). He’d also been named in a slush fund scandal, while his daughter committed suicide almost four years ago and now his only son is facing divorce. Oh well, they’re still rich.


  1. wow they are so rich.This is a huge sum of money (alimony and divorce settlement). As far as the alimony payment is concerned, its relatively small compared to those of M. Jordan, Spielberg, Diamond, H. Ford etc. But if you will add the cost of the share of the property, then its a different story.
    but the biggest of all?
    Rupert Murdoch’s divorce = 1.7 billion US dollars. Thats equivalent to 2.4 Trillion won.

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