And God Smiled Back

The book “And God Smiled Back”, written by Emily Dicolen-Abagat, is spiritual and inspirational. I had just finished the F. Sionil Jose books I ordered from the Philippines when I learned about it from a feature article by Filipino writer (and friend) Cathy Garcia in Korea Times.
I sent a message to Dr. Abagat’s number and she immediately replied that she’s going to send me a copy as soon as possible. She asked me how I learned about the book and who game me her number. I told her I read about it online and that her number is also posted online. She asked me my address. It was a late Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, she sent me a message that she’d sent the book. I asked her how much and she said to just send 10,000 won and I need not worry about the postage. I sent her 12,000 won and got the book the next day.
I bought the book because I read that proceeds will go to a scholarship program by the Filipino Catholic community. I wasn’t expecting anything from the book but I was surprised that it’s quite an easy read with personal anecdotes of Dr. Abagat’s experiences as an OFW in Korea. There are a total of 20 stories with biblical passages and prayers. At the end of each story are reflection questions with a space to write down your own prayer or thoughts. I’m not really into inspirational/religious literature but this one is not downright preachy.
And God Smiled Back is a nice read especially for the Filipino expat in Korea. I was able to relate to some of its stories.
If you’re interested to get a copy of the book, you can contact Dr. Abagat through 010-5160-2928 or


  1. Hi,
    I accidentally browsed into your blog tonight while I was leisurely surfing the net after a Sunday’s busy schedule. I would like to thank you personally for the wonderful and inspiring comment. Honestly, I could not even remember your name anymore but how I wish I could meet you personally in one occassion. If you don’t mind, can you please give me your email and phone number, please?
    Thank you so much for taking time to post the book cover. By the way, the book shall be published by St Paul Publications in the Philippines and it is now in the process of printing. I hope you can inform your friends and family in the Philippines to buy the book….soon….
    God bless…

  2. hello it’s me elsa.. do you still rememer me? it’s quite a while.. you gave me some of your baby’s clothes and things. thanks for that again.
    and now i wanna thank you again for sharing us thing kind of book.
    i’m into reading now especially insperational books..
    thanks for giving us a lot of information about life here in korea…
    hoping you remember me…

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